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Daniel Cormier vs Cain Velasquez?

Who would would win between these fighter.

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    well the chances of these two ever fighting is very unlikely since they train together and are good friends. but the wrestling advantage would definitely go to cormier just because he was an Olympic wrestler. the stand up would be close they both have good boxing however i think velasquez may have better stand up just because he is faster and could get in and out quickly. but cormier striking is just as good so that would be too close to call. plus velasquez cardio is way better then cormier so i think velasquez would look to get cormier tired and then go in for the finish. that is my prediction.

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  • CM77
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    8 years ago

    Velazquez. He's younger and faster. Cormier's wrestling is superior, and he would likely have an edge in strength, but he would have to close the distance and get his hands on Cain, who I think is more mobile and has better overall striking and movement. The person who will beat Velazquez has to have superior striking and descent takedown defense; Cheik Congo has been the only fighter to really put Cain close to being in danger, and that was primarily because of his high level of kickboxing; if he was a more experienced wrestler he would have won that fight. As it is, I think that Junior dos Santos is going to punish Velazquez with his boxing and win either by tko or decision.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    most would rush to say cain but cormier has better wrestling than cain (hes an olympic wrestler) and recently showed very good boxing skills, i think even better boxing than cain. he has heavy hands too. the only area he lacks in is his jiu jitsu which isnt cains strong suit either. theyre actually very similar in style. cain also has shown good kicks and mixes up his striking game something we havent seen from cormier. cain has been tested more and fought better competition than cormier, its a tough call but id still go with cain as of right now by a slim margin.

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  • 3 years ago

    in spite of the fact that i'm no longer prepared on Cain, i do no longer think of Cormier ought to win. in spite of the fact that he does have Olympic point wrestling, that isn't adequate against Cain with a super sort of different motives. - Cormier's a small heavyweight even although he looks slightly obese. he's 5'10 whilst Cain's 6'a million and that they the two weight with regards to a similar supply or take. he's extra in fantastic condition to be at 205. - Cormer's extraordinary isn't outstanding while in comparison with Cain's. - Cain has a brown belt in BJJ whilst Cormier's has...? - Cain's been professional by using fact that 2006 whilst Cormier's debuted in 2009. experience concerns. - Cain is in a position to push the %. rather complicated together with his endurance. - Cormier's combat with Frank Mir shown his jitters. I relish him attempting to make fights extra interesting yet seeing him attempt a spinning back kick made my abdomen turn slightly. He knew wrestling could be uninteresting yet no longer each element of it uninteresting. taking photos in lightning rapid takedowns are a real sight to behold. LAY-N-PRAY is uninteresting. he will ought to study the version. - they're the two area of AKA so i'm undecided the way it particularly is gonna be.

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