Question about SSD Drives?

I was thinking of getting an SSD to upgrade from my USB Flash Drive. I want to use it to basically put movies, projects, and personal files on there. I want to be able to carry it around, sort of like a portable USB flash drive.

However, when I checked up on NewEgg to look at the pricing, I came across two categories. External SSD and Internal SSD. There were a lot of products/ratings for internal SSDs, however not barely any for external SSD.

What is the big difference between external and internal SSD. Initially, I thought internal was for putting into the computer, while external would be the thing im looking for. Can internal SSD be used in the way im looking for as well? I'm rather curious why there are such a limited number of external SSD and seemingly not many buyers.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your right. Internal hard drives typically use SATA connections (you've probably never seen one) and external hard drives use USB. External SSDs are uncommon because its sort of a weird spot in the market. Usually, people either use a flash drive with flash memory or a regular external hard drive. I check Neweggs daily deals every day and today they have a shockproof and waterproof external hard drive for a pretty good price. I assume you know the difference between a standard hard drive and a solid state hard drive, and the only advantage to SSDs are that they can be smashed and still have info on them. This shockproof regular external HD suits your needs if that was the reason for wanting a SSD.

    Source(s): I've built quite a few computers.
  • Toad
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    9 years ago

    You would be better off with a 2.5" external portable hard drive. SSDs are typically used to replace traditional internal harddrive so it boots faster and such.

  • kademi
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    9 years ago

    internal hard drives can be connected to a computer via eSATA cable and not allot of devises have that port. external hard drive on the other had have more input option most important is USB of course so its more versatile. but the only differences between theme is an enclosure that holds external HD

    you can by internal HD and the just by a enclosure for it

  • 9 years ago

    Internal drives are usually used for your OS (Operating System). These are attaches to the motherboard on a pc, via a cable.

    External Drives are good for traveling (They have lots of space). You cannot use a Internal drive for what you want, because those are made to be attached inside the computer.

    So, you need to get a External SSD.

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