How many "occupy" rapes have there been so far?

now i count seven.

NYC- 2

Cleavland- 1.

Baltimore- 1.

Glasgow- 1.

Dallas- 1.

Oakland- at least 1.

BTW- i asked this question about 2hrs ago with six.
Update: Last True- i believe you mean to say "Stalin had a penis". but Stalin was just one guy. i have several examples from several cities from all over the country, and even one from another country. so you can't just say it was one bad guy, or group.
Update 2: PoBoy- from what i know of zero. in any case liberal democrats are the tax evaders.
Update 3: ingsoc1- so how come there have been no tea party rapes? by your logic there should have been at least one.
Update 4: Sageandscholar- so you are saying all these female occupy members are lying?...........what else is OWS lying about?
Update 5: Last True- i live in the bay area. it was one marine vet who was participating in a riot. as a marine vet myself i can tell you that being a vet is not a license to riot, and commit crimes. but what does the vet have to do with the rape?
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