Watching the Rush Hour movies makes me nostalgic?

It just makes me remember when I used to hang out with my old friends in my old neighborhood. All we used to do was just talk about how funny it was and couldn't wait until rush hour 2 and 3 came out. That all seems like a lifetime ago now. Anyone else feel extremely nostalgic when they watch them?

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  • bowen
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    8 years ago
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    Same here. My younger brother and I would even drop lines spoken either by Carter or Lee in an appropriate real life situation (like he'd say "kung fu his as*" or sometimes when I get to arrest a guy) or like when we get to see a hottie walking by, he'd blurt out the line "LORD HAVE MERCY....THE GIRL GOT CLASS!" with the same Chris Tucker-feel to it (that was the scene when they were watching over the Reign Plaza hotel from a nearby building just right after Lee spotted that Snoopy tattoo). And when I get to lose in a game against him, he'd say to my face "IM THE PRESIDENT, I'M THE EMPEROR, I'M THE KING" and he'll do that Michael Jackson dance just like Chris Tucker (just to mock me). And if I'm in dire straits and would ask him if I could borrow some money, he'd say "I still have my lunch money from the third grade" (Don Cheadle's line) before handing me the cash. We live hundreds of miles apart now and would only see each other on holidays like Christmas. Yep...very nostalgic. I suddenly miss my brother.

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