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Do Swedes Like Having A Constitutional Monarchy ?

I want to know if the Swedish people like having a Constitutional Monarchy. I'm going to be moving to Sweden after High school. I'm trying to learn some basic Swedish now, most Swedes know English

but I think the Swedish language is really cool. I have a lot of pride for Sweden.

My great great grandmother was a Swedish Immigrant to the US.

Anyway I wonder what is the public opinion is for having a Monarchy, I know that the Monarch is just a figurehead that has no power, so why keep him ? If I'm going to be moving their I would like to know how much the public supports a Monarchy. Why not go to a Parliamentary Republic ?

It would save a lot of money, supporting one family until the end of time.

I know that Canada doesn't really care that much for the British Monarchy. Some polls

show that 55% of Canadians want to do away with the head of state.

How ever the case, The Swedish are one of the happiest people on earth. So if there's public support

for having a Monarch. I would be just as happy to follow the tradition.

Could you link me to public polls, and please only reply if you are Swedish or have

lived in Sweden for some time. Thanks :D

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    Swedish Monarchy is still very much popular, although its support did somewhat drop in the last couple of years. Overall, more than 60% of Swedes are happy with their system of Government, although the personal support for the King is perhaps lowest in decades.

    2010 and 2011 proved to be very trying times for the Royal Family; while the beautiful wedding of the Heiress to the Throne, Crown Princess Victoria, generated much goodwill towards the Royal Family, there were also certain controversies; first, Princess Madeline broke of her engagement to Jonas Bergstrom (no one blamed her though - he cheated on her), which was followed by the revelation Prince Carl Philip is dating a lady with somewhat dubious reputation (glamour model with semi-nude pictures in her portfolio). To top it all, a very controversial book about King Carl Gustav was published; in it, the author alluded to quite a few hushed scandals, included affairs.

    Right now, the most popular member of the Royal Family is easily Crown Princess Victoria; hard-working, charming and scandal-free. In fact, most polls suggest that over 50% of Swedish people would prefer the King to abdicate in favour of his daughter. I expect Victoria will be even more popular when her first-born baby is born early next year.

    If you want to learn more, read the following articles:

    In Swedish -

    In English -

    I'm not a Swede, however I have lived in Sweden and Norway for nearly 10 years. Both are amazing countries I will always remember with extreme fondness.

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    I'm from Sweden. It seems like most people still want to keep the "monarchy". There is also a lot who don't.

    According to a survey in 2010, 74% wanted to keep it as it is and 16% wanted to get rid of it. 10% did not know.

    Also you say it costs a lot of money, well yes it does. But have you thought about the money they generate? For example, the total cost for the wedding between Victoria and Daniel, as well as everything around it, ended up at about 215 million SEK (32,6 million USD). However the official wedding products / merchandise sold for 2,5 billion SEK (380 million USD). The extreme boost in tourism during this period, and everything which comes with it also paid off even larger sums we can't really calculate.

    The royal family normally costs 115 million SEK per year.

    Source(s): TNS SIFO, The Swedish Trade Federation and
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    It relies in constitutional monarchies political energy lies with the elected. The Monarch best has constitutional powers which act as a assess to the elected fitting tyrannical however the unelected monarch honestly are not able to rule themselves, Also men and women like a everlasting and apolitical Head of State who can include the country and state and setting apart the state from the federal government. Presidents are too brief time period and are on the finish of the day politicians.

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    My dear, I think you'll find that very few Swedish people participate in Yahoo!Answers. This is not the place to ask your question.

    However, the subject can easily be googled, and if you are really studying Swedish, you can -- and should -- google it in Swedish. What a good way for you to practice the language, don't you think?

    See one poll below, in an English-language publication. As you will see, support for the monarchy is dropping. But for better, more significant results, you should exercise that Swedish you are learning and start doing online research in it. This is a skill you MUST acquire if you are actually planning to move to Sweden.

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    One would assume, as a large percentage of the population supports the king and his family, they support the current political/monarchical situation

    Source(s): .
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