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My girlfriend wants to eat her placenta. Is it okay if she's a vegan?

So my girlfriend is 32 weeks in and has decided that she wants to eat her placenta. I know it sounds gross and weird, but a lot of animals do it (even herbivores).

I'm just wondering if it is okay for her to eat since she is a vegan and it is meat.


I swear its a real thing. Heres an article about it.

Update 2:

It has been done before. I swear this is true lol! People have gone through with this, I just want to know if it would be right for a vegan to do this?

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    Personally I would never do it, but I have heard of women eating their own placenta. Some even have it dried up and made into vitamins. Its supposedly very rich in vitamins, AGAIN I WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO DO IT, the hospital will allow you to take it because well its hers. It's not meat though so she should be ok as far as th vegan diet goes, but even if she decided to eat meat for a day and still consider herself vegan it is entirely up to her.

  • valido
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    sure it somewhat is vegan. Veganism refers to using animals via human beings (in a nutshell), it has not something to do with human beings eating placentas, semen, snot, eyelashes, fingernails... . i've got examine that as a results of fact a placenta is so jam finished of nutritious candies it may help alleviate submit natal melancholy. the alternative is to donate it for stem cellular learn.

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    It's a part of a body, so I doubt it would fit into the vegan diet.

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    WTF!! How weird! Whatever she wants, but won't that make her sick? She should really think about that first... Being vegan is a life choice, and so is eating her own placenta, no matter how weird it is, but she can do whatever she wants.

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  • 8 years ago

    This was either a joke on you or you are just asking this to get responses.

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    I almost gagged just reading that yuck!

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    well its herself and full of nutrients so i dont think it matters.

    ew im not even sure what palacenta consists of

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    To each their own...I guess. To me, it's cannibalism. But if she wants, I guess it fine...*gag*.

  • Cassie
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    8 years ago

    It's not meat though...

  • 8 years ago

    wtf i dont think any hospital is gonna let her do that

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