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Iran and nuclear weapons?

I don't mean to sound retarded but I don't know ANYTHING about what is happening in Iran and what the deal is with the nuclear weapons... Can somebody explain to me the major events that have happened during the past couple of months regarding this issue? And also, how is the government of Iran doing about it? I would really appreciate it.

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    Iran's been trying to develop a nuclear weapon program for years now.

    As you might expect, the US and most of the rest of the world is against having other countries - especially those that are rather hostile - develop nuclear weapons. In fact, the US and Russia have been dismantling their nuclear arsenals since the cold war ended 20 years ago.

    The US has been trying to get the members of the UN to continue to pressure Iran to stop its nuclear program by threatening to stop trading with them or other diplomatic tactics.

    I guess Iran's leader didn't feel he was getting enough attention from the west, so he's started making threats...again...about attacking Israel. The stupid US media has speculated about whether this means the US will now attack Iran. They seem to have forgotten that with the exception of the last president, the US' response to such problems is try to talk it out first, and not bomb anyone who disagrees with us...

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    Misty Blue - The UN report coming out soon is going to detail how much the Iranians have continued to work in the area of nuclear weapons, including areas that most thought they had abandoned in 2003. The report is basically going to say that Iran has been doing everything they can so that when they decide to build nuclear weapons they can do it in a relatively short time.

    And if the civilized world doesn't do anything about, then one day we will be surprised to wake up and find that Iran has tested a nuclear weapon much as we were with the DPRK. Well, hopefully it will just be a test, and it won't be some fanatic in the Revolutionary Guard "testing" a nuclear missile on Tel-Aviv!

  • You know this is the fourth time I can remember Israel has come up with the Iran nuclear weapon scare. they done it twice when the Shah of Iran was in place even going oh they got nukes then they done it in the 1980's that they bought some off the USSR then in 1992 they came out with a former soviet state sold them 12 nuclear weapons. In fact if you went looking back at the Israel and the middle east nuclear story of Israel there be a thousand exploded nuclear warheads in the middle of tel aviv by now and it be glowing green They said that Lebanon had nuclear weapons it didn't they said Saddam had nuclear weapons he didn't. They didn't mention that they gave aparheid South Africa nuclear weapons from Israel do and the only way people know of it now is the letter from the Soviet leader to margaret Tatcher that was in state papers realised a few years ago. asking her did she know that Israel had given South Africa nuclear warheads and a nuclear test site in the desert. makes one wonder what other lovies Israel gave nuclear warheads since they gave the most hated regime on earth nuclear weapons.

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    They are developing nuclear power. They do not have any nuclear weapons, unlike Israel, which is threatening to attack them. There is a big difference between nuclear power, which is used to produce electricity, and nuclear weapons which only have one use.

    Israel has had nuclear weapons for many years and is the biggest danger to peace in the region because it has threatened to attack Iran. The consequences would be disastrous.

    There is a lot of right wing american fear and propaganda about Iran. It is the same fear-mongering that was used before the US invaded Iraq, which did not have weapons either. And the US government knew it.

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    Yahoo answers if filled with 12 year olds that have no idea what they are talking about. Don't get your info from here. They have had nuclear weapons for a long time. But they don't have missiles that can launch them. But it's still a threat if they sneak one into a country. The problem is that Iran is not a stable country and those nukes could easily be stolen.

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    There's a report due out shortly stating Iran does not have,as yet, Nuclear capability despite what some know nothings make up and tout as true.Iran, quite justifiably,states their intention to respond with force to the very real threats emanating from the actual holders of WMD Israel, and why wouldn't they?So here we all are again being urged by Israel to sanction massive death and destruction just so they stay the biggest threat on the block,enabling them to carry on wiping Palestine out.So what happens if say Russia or China decide to throw their hat in the ring?Mexican stand off or Armageddon?

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    Iran has no nuclear weapons and if they did the only way they could launch one would be with a kite!

    Source(s): The Realist USMC
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    Israel has many hundreds of nuclear weapons pointed at various cities in and around Europe. The very second a country tries to get a nuclear generating station Israel started a campaign of lies and deception aimed at getting America to kill Iran. Israel got us to kill Iraq, invade Afghanistan and now small African nations, she may succeed in getting WW3 started.

    Source(s): Israel is the problem, don't believe the lies
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    Iran is developing nukes to protect themselves from the USA.

    we lied ourselves into two wars and currently occupy the country on the left and on the right of Iran

    how do you think they feel?

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    Moslem nations mustn't be allowed to have nukes. They are too childish and excitable a people to properly oversee them. Things were so much better in the old days when these people were all goverened by benevolent Europeans.

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