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What came of Julian Assange?

The media didn't shut up about him for 24 hours a day, for ages, and then all of a sudden the reports just stopped entirely and now I'm left wondering what's happened to him.. Last I heard, the Swedes were going to extradite him to the USA.

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    Well he lost his appeal against extradition to Sweden, and will either try appealing to the U.K. supreme court or actually be shipped to Sweden within the next week. Note he is being extradited to Sweden for questioning on Sexual Assault/Misconduct charges (And the judges in the U.K. who reviewed the case even said he would be being prosecuted at this point if these events had happened in the U.K. as some of the issues in question would fall under rape laws as the women did not consent to what he did, and had prior stated in no uncertain terms that she would not allow that.) which could have all been avoided if he had gotten the STD test that the women requested to drop the whole thing. (They are worried about possible HIV infection, and he has been blowing them off even though Swedish law requires him to get the test due to the situation. Heck even the head of Wikileaks Sweden says the charges are valid. And it appears the two women involved actually work for Wikileaks.)

    As for Sweden extraditing him to the U.S., there is nothing on that at this point as the U.S. has not even charged him with anything yet. So he cannot be extradited to the U.S. since there is no warrant. That whole thing is a bunch of smoke that Assange is blowing out to try to keep from being sent to Sweden over the possible criminal charges there. Heck the U.S. is not likely to charge him with anything until after the trial for Bradley Manning.

    BTW Manning is in Fort Leavenworth medium-security facility (military) in Kansas, allowing him to interact with other pre-trial detainees. And anyone who is supporting Manning should really read what he did and why in his own words from his interviews... basically he was mad at his superior officers for not giving him the respect he felt he deserved (Which anyone who has either been in the military or knows anyone is in the military would realize is funny as all get out the idea of a low rank enlisted getting ticked off because an officer told them to get them coffee. Heck even E-7's have to get the officer his coffee if requested, or at least get a lower rank enlisted to get it for them.) and because he wanted to impress his boyfriend and his boyfriend's friends at college. There was no moral high ground from him... he just wanted to impress some people and get back at people who did not treat him as he thought he deserved. Note even before it came out that he had leaked this stuff he had already been demoted and was they were looking at discharging him from the Army, for things like screaming at officers, punching a female officer in the face, and other issues.

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    He recently lost his appeal against extradition to Sweden.

    It would be the US who would extradite him, but due to agreements between the two countries, Sweden would not have to go through the traditional tests and standards of regular ’extradition’ procedures.

    There have been ongoing hearings on Assange by a grand jury in Virginia, looking into charging him under the Espionage Act, which carries the death penalty. A bit harsh, don't you think?

    And there is concern that the Sweden extradition is merely a holding case until the VA court makes its decision.

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    People should be wondering, what became off PVT Bradley Manning, the soldier who leaked information to Assange?

    He's probably languishing in the catacombs of a military prison , awaiting trial .meanwhile,he is probably cut off from the world, being represented by a military attorney who has no sympathy for his client,. and has, effectively been used and abused by Assange.

    Oh, yes. PVT Bradley Manning. Used, then discarded.

    Botton line,

    ""Thanks, sucker.:"

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    He was elected President of Austria...

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