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Can somebody tell me about the owner and operator of the nashville international airport?

i want to know more about the MNAA


detailed information about the operator and owner of the nashville international airport

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    Hi, I work at the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) and can provide more detailed information about our operations. The MNAA is a self-supporting entity that has served Music City and Mid-South since 1970. The MNAA is led by its Board of Commissions, management team and about 280 professionals, who all contribute to the success of Nashville International Airport (BNA) and John C. Tune Airport (JWN), a general aviation reliever airport.

    The MNAA operates BNA and JWN under the authority granted by the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County and the state of Tennessee, and plays and important role in the region’s economic development and growth. We are a self-financing, bonding authority that does not operate on any local tax dollars.

    A competitive advantage of the MNAA lies in its core competency – delivering the Nashville Airports Experience: great airports for passengers, business partners and employees. Learn more about the MNAA at

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    It is owned by the Metro Nashville government. For the members of the airport authority, see

    That's about all there is to know. It is owned by the city government, therefore the citizens of the city.

    Source(s): TN resident
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    here's their website--it's basically owned by the city of nashville-i think!

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    Umm, like what kinds of things do you want to know?

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