3 year old boy who refuses to poop on the potty?

My boyfriend has his son and daughter full time. We all live together with my kids as well. His son is 3 years old and will not poop on the toilet. He turns 4 in April. I don't think a child should be punished for this, I know its all about learning. I am looking for anyone who has went through this who can help with suggestions. I've never had a son. And both of my kids were trained well before 3, the 2 year old I intend to start with soon, but she isn't quite ready. I've tried a reward system. I am just looking for a solution to fix this as I am so sick of changing diapers & when I put him in underwear he poops in those too! Same with pullups, which are just wasting our money, and with 5 we'd love to save money where we can. It's so gross to clean out his poopy undies!!! UGH! HELP ME!! :)

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    I totally understand your frustration. We're in the process of potty training our son and it started off the same way. He refused to even sit on it and would scream and cry if we even asked if he wanted to try the potty chair. Our son likes Hot Wheels cars, so we went and bought a bunch of them and kept them hidden. Everytime he uses the potty we get one down for him. If your little guy has something that he's interested in, maybe you could keep some on hand as a little potty bribe :) It's working for us so far!!! Good luck and God bless!!!

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    The reward system is what worked for my 3.5 year old. One piece of candy for pee and two for poo. If that doesn't work then up the reward. If she just goes poo on the potty she gets to pick out a surprise at the dollar store. Keep this up until she is comfortable going poo on the potty. Then I told him if he stays dry a whole week then we would get to go somewhere he really wanted to go. For us that was chucky cheese.

    That is also motivating my 2.5 year old now as I just said that will be his reward if he stays dry a whole week and he asked to go pee 2x and poo 1x last night on the potty! He had only gone a few times when I caught it right prior to that.

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    Just tell him that until he proves he can go on the potty he will have to be put back in diapers full time since he is obviously not potty trained yet.

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    ok i hear you on the changing...here is the thing...he is being switched from diapers and pull up to underwear...now think about this all he really knows is peeing and pooping in a diaper and then we potty train with pull ups the worst invention for potty training for once again he has something thick in between his legs that feels like a diaper...

    i think most parents are in the same boat they move from diapers to pull ups to potty train which is a terrible choice but they don't want the mess...

    accidents are part of the learning process...now i know you don't want to move from diaper clean up to...underwear clean up but it is a process...

    ok hold on tight...here's the answer....trash the diapers and the pull ups...stop putting those on him...talk to him and praise the behavior you want to see...accidents he cleans up...changes himself..he needs a place for the dirt wet clothes...he needs lot of praise for...trying..and for doing

    as children get older in the potty process....they tend to hold on to the poop and not go...i would suggest some foods...to loosen him up...raisins and bran cereals...fruits and veggies...

    he just needs a few times of pooping in the right place to get the idea...and he may need to clean up a few times to not like the mess...

    this problem will only get worst if...you don't trash the pull ups and the diapers...that gives him a crutch...

    i would talk to him...he is a big boy and the potty is where he goes...have him trash a couple items to send the message...

    good luck great question with lots of detail i hope this helps....

    Source(s): child development specialist professional nanny mother of 2 potty trainer of many 2 year old...60 plus on the low side...
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    put him in diapers

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