What big city does not have a soccer team?

Football team lol

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    9 years ago
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    Every big city in the world has football team, whether it's fully professional or a semi-prosfessional team or not is something else. The exception being big cities in Canada and USA.

    The above answers aren't exactly correct, because there's Miami FC in the NASL and FC New York in USL. There's also womens teams as well, so there's cases like Boston, with the Boston Breakers (i think that's what they're called) which are fully professional.

    In Canada, Calgary and Halifax don't have any notable teams, Quebec City has a women's team (Admiral), not sure if its semi-pro or what. Then there's Regina and Saskatoon, although not exactly not big cities.

    In the US, New Orleans, Phoenix, San Antonio, Memphis, Las Vegas, San Diego, Oklahoma, Birmingham, Detroit, Providence, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Albuquerque, Denver, Knoxville, Minneapolis.

    @Barca4life The reason he probably didn't include New York Vodka Bulls, is because the stadium is actually located in New Jersey (so i'm told). So some people don't consider it New York.

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    greatest cities with out a soccer League team city inhabitants status a million Dudley 194,919 city 2 Poole one hundred forty four,800 city 3 Oxford 143,016 city 4 Telford 138,241 city 5 York 137,505 city 6 Slough 126,276 city 7 Gloucester 123,205 city 8 Newport 116,143 city 9 Cambridge 113,442 city 10 Exeter 106,772 city 11 Eastbourne 106,562 city 12 Sutton Coldfield a hundred and five,452 city 13 St. Helens 102,629 city 14 Crawley one hundred,547 city there is often the prospect that they could have a expert or semi expert team no longer interior the soccer league This record applies to England in straightforward terms and does not conceal Scotland or Wales.

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    New York City, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco.

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    San Fransisco, San Diego, and Miami.

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    9 years ago

    @ Nick

    New York Red Bulls much?!?!?!?! lol

    Ever heard of Thierry Henry? If you haven't you hardly deserve a life!

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