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Working Abroad just for a Summer?

I'm an American College student. I'm studying hospitality and tourism management. My passion is to travel, I am going to do study abroad but for this upcoming summer I'd like to just make a little bit of money while getting the culture of a European country. I recently worked at Six Flags, and they bring in foreign workers and provide housing for them, as does Disney World. If I could find a job in Europe that does that, great. I don't think Disney World Paris does that though. I am not really interested in working in France or Spain. I would *love* to get a job in Switzerland but I would jump at a chance to work anywhere in Europe. My question is, does anyone know a place that hires foreign workers in Europe?


I can only speak English. I can communicate in German but just the basics.

Update 2:

A job in Western Europe is preferred.

Update 3:

I just found this site and I think I will apply. I can learn basic Italian with no problem if I do go to Italy. Has anyone heard of this organization? I would go summer camps and teach English.

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    I can only tell you about Switzerland, but if you wanna find a job and you only speak english, it's gonna be hard, especially in the french part. Try in the german part, and search in international companies, or maybe in fancy hotels. That's where you have better chances.

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