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the first green lantern book? read details?

I want to buy the very first green lantern book written. From the first series. So the first edition or seires or whatever, comic book #1. No speicial stuff

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    Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott first appeared in All American Comics #16 (July 1940) I guess you can get his stories in DC Archives Books.

    Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordan appeared in Showcase #22 (October 1959). You can get his 1960s adventures in chronological order from Green Lantern Archives Volume 1 and Green Lantern Chronicles Volume 1 in colored and in Showcase Presents Green Lantern Volume 1 in black 7 white.

    However, his origin had been retold twice. Green Lantern Emerald Dawn (1990) and the most recent Secret Origin (2008)

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    The Green Lantern first appeared in All American Comics in 1940.

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