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Military Asvab/recruiter question?

I took the asvab in high school but my scores have since expired. If I go an talk to a recruiter and take the asvab, will they then tell me what MOS's/rates I qualify for? If I do not like any of the choices can I decline enlistment? At what point are you committed to the armed forces and at what point can you back out?

(Thinking about joining airforce/coast guard)( Previous asvab score was a 96)

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    You can back out at anytime up 'til the point you sign a contract and swear in.

    Yes, a recruiter will tell you what rates you qualify for after you take the ASVAB. If you repeat your performance of a 96, it's safe to say the answer is most likely "anything and everything", unless you are really bad at a section that doesn't count towards the AFQT score (MC, for example). As I think you probably know, an AFQT of 96 rocks - max is 99, and if you score a 96 again, recruiters will be tripping over themselves to sign you up, assuming you have a clean record and medical history.

    You can see the ASVAB (and other) requirements for each USCG rating here:

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I'm a USCG officer.
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    it has been a volunteer service since 1974 so no one can make you join for taking the asvab test... it's voluntary , simple as that.. yes a recruiter can tell you what jobs you are qualified for, but remember that doesn't say they are open to join, you wouldn't know that unless you process at Meps after your physical and ready to join IF you see an MOS you are interested in and is vacant...

    with an ASVAB of 96 or even close means you were a CAT -1.. which is top scoring....

    You ARE NOT obligated with the government until you raise your RIght hand and sign the contract then you are basically government property for the amount of years you joined for.. but also you have the MOS you want to be trained and work in..

    I was a military recruiter for many years...

    take the test and see what you are qualified for.... it's good to have at least 4 jobs you would like, so hopefully one of the four is available for you...

    Hey good luck...

    Source(s): retired military
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    You can back out any time until you sign the contract just before leaving for Basic. IF you dont like any of your mos choices then you can wait till that job opens up for you or you can back out. they can tell you what you qualify for a few days after taking the asvab if you take the paper test, computer test is more immediate.

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    A 96 will qualify you for all rates in the CG. You can take the test & say no thank you at any time. So long as you don't sign the contract.

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    If you dont sign your contract, there are no compromises.

    Source(s): U.S Marine
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