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Did Jerry Sandusky intentionally titled his autobiography "Touched"?

I just found out this pedo Sandusky (former assistant at Penn State) actually had the audacity to title his own autobiography, released in 2000, "Touched". Do you guys think this sick human being did it intentionally? Has anyone read the book? If you have, are there more innuendos in the book to suggest he is a pedo?


@Lonesome Rhodes: Exactly I hate him and he is 10000% guilty. He was too comfortable at Penn State to really move anywhere else plus Joe Pa and the administration knew of his activities but chose to turn a blind eye.

Update 2:

@darth dharma: The seriousness of this "criminal" allegations make all the "pay for play", "benefits", corrupt boosters, corrupt assistant coach, sketchy agents, memorabilia for tattoos scheme, head coach running a loose locker room, high school coach pimping players out seem like no big deal.

Update 3:

I can't believe people are actually arguing about Penn State vs. Ohio State. Guys please, this is not even about the game of football. This is even more serious than football so stop arguing and taking shots at each other's school.

Update 4:

@Matt: Thanks for the info :) Eww I knew there would be more innuendos in the book than just the title. This guy is gross

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    Quoted from this monster's book via Patriot-News:

    His autobiography, "Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story," includes pictures of some of the kids who were part of The Second Mile and also allegedly molested.

    "We've continually tried to reach out to thousands of young people and tried to do more for them," he wrote. "As much as we can. To make it even better, the reaching out has always been a lot of fun. Especially at the summer camps, where I've enjoyed wrestling and swimming with the kids. I even had to have knee surgery in the summer of 1991 because of my fooling around."

    "Once, Dottie said to me: 'Jer, you're probably the only one who really enjoys the things that you do.' That's probably true, but that's okay with me. I enjoy the life that I have had and I'll never regret being called a 'great' pretender."

    Pretty bad stuff. He'll hopefully get what's coming to him in prison. I honestly can't even believe they let him out on bail.


    Read the full article here:

    Lot's of info including how the defense plans to attack the victims for being underprivileged kids.

    "Part of the problem is that he was dealing with at-risk kids who came from dysfunctional families and a lot of kids say things that aren't necessarily true," Amendola (Sandusky's attorney) said.

    I wish attorneys could be charged for representing the scum of the earth.

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    Touched Jerry Sandusky

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    Conjecture is not fact. Perhaps before you start pointing fingers at Joe Pa, you might want to research the breaking story. This is not to say that Sandusky did not do these things, it's proven that he has. Whatever happens to Sandusky would be well deserved. However Joe Pa did not turn a blind eye, as you call it to the issue at hand. He did report his findings to the school as it was told to him. If anyone was to report the incident to the police, it should have been the person or persons who actually saw the sexual abuse taking place. At any rate Penn State as an institution should have alerted the police at that time. As we know now, they did not.

    The only thing we can do now is to see how all of this plays out. It would be sad if this incident was the driving force behind Joe's retirement. To see a brilliant career end with such controversy is heartbreaking.

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    I'm surprised there's not more Penn State hate on here because of Sandusky, and the athletic director and the VP of finance (or whatever he was). This puts a huge blackmark on Paterno's career. How much did he know? When did he know it? Who did he tell? Why didn't he inform the police? These questions aren't going to go away.

    This makes what Jim Tressel got fired for look like child's play -- okay, bad pun.

    @ Bad @ss, Paterno should have called the state police/FBI when he found out about this, not one of the university's' vice presidents. That's what any person with common sense would do.

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    Paterno did NOT turn a blind eye. Get informed, douche bag.

    Sandusky hasn't been part of Penn State football since 1998. It was reported to Paterno in 2003. At that point it was heresay and he immediately reported it to his boss, who was the one who allowed Sandusky and his group to use the football facilities. Paterno did what was right, reported it to his immediate superior.

    Paterno has no ability or authority to investigate. Sandusky doesn't like Paterno and vice verse because Paterno fired him 13 years ago.

    There were NO allegations against Paterno, the program, or anyone directly associated with or the program.

    You should keep your mouth shut if you don't know what you're talking about instead of lying and instigating character smears, loser.

    You got your 15 minutes of fame, Get lost.

    darth dharma -

    It hasn't appeared on here because it's not a football issue.

    Paterno on more than one occasion reported Penn St. violations to the NCAA, violations that never would have have even seen the light of day. There is NO comparison between Paterno and Tressel.

    Your perverted little mind is drooling at the thought of a pedo scanda. Get your mind out of the gutter. You need help.


    You've got NO clue what the child abuse procedure is for educators in PA so don't say what Paterno should have done. PA's child abuse reporting system by educators has been used as model by other states. You don't know what you're talking about. Get informed before you start talking shít.


    I can't believe you don't get it and are so misinformed.

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    You would think the Republicans would stop the liberal talk on this one but ignorance is taught and a guy over 50 is set in his ways Tired of the Republican/Democrat crap Whet will congress do on Monday? In these economic times that is unacceptable Mitt is a Tool

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    I wonder what jopa would do if he was told that is 12 yr old grandson was getting butt raped in the shower by Sandusky? Im sure he would take it up with the a.d. and leave it at that, no follow up needed.

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    No, it was supposed to be titled Touché, but there was a mix-up at the publishing house. 0_o

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    From the description the book appears to be a testament to Sandusky's ego and I have neither the time nor the inclination to read self-serving pack of lies by someone who has been revealed as a pedophile.

    I can understand now why Sandusky turned down the head coaching job with Maryland in 1991 -- what he did to those kids sickens me. He should be euthanized.

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