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Answer mine and il answer yours?

There is a girl Iv gone to school with for several years now that i really really like and in the past few weeks we have really talked to each other a lot. Before we just kinda were friendly to one another, small talk and such, basically we knew each other and had each others numbers but we werent close friends. Recentally she started talking to me on Facebook, but when she started she was about to go on a date with another guy. Now weeks later the relationship is falling apart, we have talked the whole time span. And it wasn't about him it was about life and each other. Yesterday we talked for a few minutes but she had to get off cuz she was doing her contacts for her new phone, but she texted me her number before she got off. We haven't talked since which is only a day but idk of I should start texting her because idk when she works and I don't want to bother her, we usually talk for hours so I don't want to have to be interupted. I'm not sure if she likes me or not, she is still kinda talking to the other guy but she says how he always screws her over on plans. I want to ask her out but I don't want to ruin what I have so far by jumping the gun. How can I find out if she likes me? Ask her friend? Ask directly? Or should I look for some kind of sign? I'm clueless cuz iv never had a gf. Please help il answer any questions you may have also. P.S. we are in highschool, seniors to be exact.


Is it really ok to ask her out if she is still kinda talking to this other guy? they have been on dates before but they are not facebook official and on top of that their "relationship" is slowly failing. So is it safe to ask her out like this friday?

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    To find out, have a friend of yours ask her.(: Good luck<3

  • just ask her out

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