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How to be "scene/raver"?

i know a lot of people are going to leave mean comments, but please don't, or i'll report you.

if you're not going to help me, why even bother answering, you comments won't make me change my mind.

And sorry i'm not trying to seem like a poser by saying scene, and raver, it's just its the best way to explain it.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Wow even after a warning... Julia is still too dumb in the head, and has to leave a immature comment.

    sad sad.



    I know everyone says scene kids shop at hottopic, but really .... they never do.

    But being scene isn't easy, or cheap, most of the scene kids are rich.

    Sense your saying you want to be scene i'm guessing you mean the colorful pink,blue,green hair right?

    Dye your hair with manic panic, special effects hair dye, and punky color.

    But it usually last only about 2 weeks before it fades out, but i heard special effects hair dye stays a Long time, but there blue colors fade easy.

    Most of them wear thoes crazy animals hat, which you can buy here,

    it's expensive though.

    For clothes most actually just wear tank tops, with polka dots, and stuff.

    you can get it from cheap places like marshalls, Walmart, and aeropostale sells them too.

    And skinny jeans, which you can buy everwhere, i would say get them from forever21 though.

    jewlery, most of them wear like kawaii stuff.

    jewelry like that.

    Shoes don't really matter.. . converse, are a no no, nobody wheres thoes, espeically not scenes.

    Flats are good, but vans are really good, but not the checkered ones, buy like pink,and colorful ones.

    And the hair, is the hard part... because you can't really go to a hairstylist and get it, when i used to be into scene, they ALWAYS messed it up, your best bet is to cut your own hair, which most scenes do actually, and it isn't that hard.

    here's a video on a scene girl cutting her hair.

    Youtube thumbnail

    She's just using a thinning scissor thing, which can be bought at sallys beauty.

    only like $28 i think.

    and teasing.

    Youtube thumbnail

    You don't really have to tease your hair though, and don't make it too big, or it'll look gross.

    just tease at the top.

    Any hairspray will do, a lot of people use the "rave" hairspray.

    And you're has to be long enough to get the style, if it isn't long i would say extensions, human hair ones though, because you have to flat iron them, which you can't do with non human ones.

    get these extensions if your going to buy some.

    For makeup i would say go look at leda's channel.

    she has some tutorials, but don't but a sh*t ton of eyeliner, that's what "emo" kinda of people do, scene people have bright makeup most of the time

    That's all i think..


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  • 9 years ago

    Raver girls usually don't wear much... but it kinda depends on what look you're going for. Fishnet leggings and arm gloves are usually the way to go, with some sort of bikini top or shorts/skirt. This is what most girls wear at raves, or so I've noticed. Being "scene" is completely different, dye your hair crazy colors, wear colorful clothing or mix/match it with dark clothing. Wear lots of makeup, especially dark eyeliner and eyeshadow.

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  • thum
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Ever considering that i used to be little and til this present day I've constantly referred to as my mum "Mummy" and my dad "Daddy". Just seeing that they not ever spoke back to "mum"/"dad". And it is constantly caught, I think. Same with my siblings, too. I swear at any time when my mom calls me at paintings, and that i reply announcing "hello, mummy", I get probably the most strangest appears from my paintings colleagues. They constantly discover that hilarious and normally take the mic. And I can absolutely see why it is humorous lol But, it is not ever modified, and I doubt it's going to. Mum and Dad will constantly be Mummy and Daddy. And mostly seeing that they would possibly not reply to whatever else from their kids! : )

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  • Well they aren't exactly the same, but I guess both of them like lots of colors.

    Graphic tees, heavy eyeliner, big hair, colorful extensions, colorful accessories, colorful everything~

    Here are some stores and things you should get from there to help make your look:

    --Delias--very cute colorful skinny jeans. You may not be able to find ripped ones, but you can always rip them yourself~ I always found this fun and it made me feel like a rebel!

    --Forever 21--They have amazing leather leggings. I have 4 pairs~

    --Hot Topic--This childish wannabe emo store is great for finding strange, colorful accessories and cute shoes. I also would check out their mini backpacks, since you don't typically see emo girls with purses~

    They are also the best place to get cute band shirts~

    --PacSun--jean shorts, variety of colors. Pair them with some colorful get the idea.

    --MetroPark--hands down they have everything you need to pull of your look, they'll even help you create one. (I worked there for 2 years~)

    --Wet Seal--cute graphic tees and accessories. scene girls love graphic tees, this is the place to get them.

    Scene girls tend to wear band shirts/ graphic tees, skinny jeans/ shorts, colorful bracelets (especially the homemade kinds. You can buy a bracelet making kit at walmart and make your own), lots of necklaces, old converse, and lots of eyeliner. It's simple, but it's cute and that's what makes the style.

    You aren't trying to create something "new" and "expensive", but homemade, homely, but colorfully cute.

    As for ravers clothes...they aren't typically things you would wear in public. But neon clothes are fine.

    Source(s): wannabe scene queen ;]
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  • 9 years ago

    I'm not hating! I just don't understand scene or ravers..... And I think if u have always been a scene or raver then...

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  • 3 years ago

    Okker would really suite you in our opinion. It looks really pretty as well as it has a style that's actually noticeable. You'd look good with that.

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  • 3 years ago

    I love long skirts, because alot of men and women like short ones probably. Not a nice set of legs isnt nice to see, I simply have always prefered just a little mystery

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  • 3 years ago

    I love blondes! But my favorite hair color is black

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  • 3 years ago

    I love both. But as long as the person is comfortable putting on it, that's all that matters.

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  • 9 years ago

    Just wear dark clothes, skinny jeans...get a haircut , you can have your hair long an just have short layers on top to tease it if your want n you can also put cute bows in your hair.

    You can dye your hair black

    Source(s): I have black hair for my short layer on top n sorta dark blue on my long layers
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