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Do you think JJ Abrams will ever make the Star Trek sequel?

he'll probably get caught up in some speilbergesque coming of age monster movie.

This JJ Abrams will do anything to keep from making the next star trek.

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    Maybe he likes to eat cheeseburgers and just hang out you know it is probably tough to learn Klingon.

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    to no longer provide something away in the action picture, the substitute universe which you point out is genuine to a undeniable degree. in the orginal sequence kirk meets spook, bones for the 1st time on the deliver with something of the regulars. in this version specific issues have replaced because of the fact of an journey thats happen - and you get intro into each and all the characters and the various back tale and how all of them come mutually. It exchange right into a actual god attempt and this action picture does come closest to recreating the spark that made the sequence a lot of a cult.

  • 8 years ago

    Um. . .

    Pretty sure it's already in the works. Go to IMDB and search JJ, and see what he's got in "pre-production".

    With that ending, it was clear they had every intention of making a sequel - provided the film made money, which it did.

    Just hang in there, Sport.

  • Mark G
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    8 years ago

    Its in preproduction now, scheduled for release next year, my money is on 2013 or 2014 though.

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