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Is black tea good or healthy for you?

I have recently been drinking about two or three cups a day of hot black tea, with just a little fat fee milk and three packs of Splenda. Is this ok or healthy for me???

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    Yes! There is significant evidence that black tea is healthy for you. Much of the earlier research focused on green tea, but this is mainly's because the earliest research on tea and health happened in Japan, where they drink nearly exclusively green tea. More modern research has found that black tea is healthy too, and there's no strong or conclusive evidence to say one type is better than the other.

    If you want some sources backing this up, you can find them in this article on a tea-rating site I designed and maintain:

    Personally though? I would recommend getting away from Splenda and other artificial sweeteners. They're probably not horribly unsafe, but they are often the subject of health controversies. When in doubt, it's safest to stick with fully natural substances.

    If you find your tea is too bitter, you might want to seek out naturally sweet teas. I wrote an article on these a while back:

    It's harder to find black teas that are naturally sweet, but they're out there. You might want to look at Keemun, or Darjeeling, especially Darjeeling First Flush. I recommend buying loose-leaf tea if possible, and getting tea of decent quality...cheaper tea often tastes more bitter so you find you use more sweetener with it. A company I like is Upton Tea Imports. If you explore the site I link to you can read my personal reviews (I'm Alex Zorach) and you can also browse black teas from different companies.

    Good luck! I hope you find this useful!

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  • 3 years ago

    green tea is meant to be extra suitable... black tea is exceptional yet can stain your the teeth and green tea is meant to develop your metabolism... I hear lots extra approximately green tea yet black is rather wholesome yet no longer too lots!

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