Israel, USA, and Iran?

("An attack on Iran could affect not only Israel, but the entire region for 100 years," Ephraim Halevy told Israeli daily Ynet on Friday.) For 100 years....why/how come?

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    9 years ago
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    We have no business attacking Iran to save Israel. Israel and its big mouth and bullying attitude gets them into trouble daily. Let them learn to make peace or war on their own. And much like America, sticking their nose into business that is not theirs to dictate over. If we attack Iran, its not to save Israel, its to get oil. We will just use Israel as the excuse. In the history of the world there is no country more blood thirsty than Israel. What they have done to the people of Palestine and gaza is world known and I personally hope they all fry in hel! I don't dislike jews, its not about religion, but their military tactics are to attack and bomb all school, orphanages and hospitals. There has to be some kind of moral rules about war. but they don't go after the soldiers, they go after the civilians and for that, I spit on them. considering they believe themselves to be the chosen people, apparently this means they can stomp on people around the globe like little ants and our country plans to help these psychopathic murders who kill just for fun. But then that doesn't surprise me either. We can't keep ourselves out of war, but thats cuz all the elite of this country like war. They buy up arms stocks in the market when its cheap just weeks before a war begins and as long as a war keeps going on, they make billions of dollars of the stock prices and the deaths of all those in battle at the time. What do you think OWS is about? We are made into puppets by wall street and all who invest in it. Wall street virtually does rule the world and controls entirely our entire government. The President, congress, senate etc. are all just window dressing to the real rulers of the world.

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    Radiation. We detonated some nuclear bombs near Easter Island making it unhealthy there.

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