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If the Universe will continue to expand forever?

without ever stopping, would the idea of eternal return be plausible? Or because matter is neither created or destroyed, could the idea of a natural reincarnation without the intervention of anything supernatural also occur? My question is, what is most likely the case: a universe that will expand forever, or one that will constantly expand and contract? If the universe expands and contracts for infinity, why would we always come back exactly the same with exactly the same lives? Wouldn't it be more realistic that in the big crunch and the new Big Bang, things would be reordered and rearranged? I don't really understand these theories and I guess am just wondering if eternal return is likely or just a myth.

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    You're just asking the wrong questions.

    You should be asking, how an infinite number of universes identical, to each other and in every way to our universe, how can all these universes exist at the same time and in the same space.

    Or maybe,

    how is it possible that all things that have happened or are yet to happen on the very spot that you are standing/sitting on right now, how is it possible that all those things are happening all on top of each other, yet you are only aware of what you are experiencing right now, here in the present, of this one universe.

    Or how can Big Bangs be manufactured one after the other, similar to the way we manufacture jars of peanut butter or cans of soda pop. How can all those big bangs exist simultaneously and continue to self-create for all of a never ending eternity.

    How or why can it be.

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    we gained't definitively say that. those days we've got here across the effects of dark potential, which seems to be *accelerating* the upward thrust; if that's the case, then probably develop will proceed indefinitely. top now, there is a few information helping some theories, yet there's no finished, a hundred% solved equation on the 2d.

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    Matter is created and destroyed all the time. It's energy that's conserved. Your 'eternal return' is a load of crap. A universe contracting would destroy everything in it; it would not return in the same state.

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    Uniontera poem is to ferrari what big bang theory is to porsche.

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    3. The rose line is the beginning light. (result from Bible)

    4. The existence of different time. (result from relativity of light)

    5. 2 dimension is not a space. (result from 2-axis, math)

    6. Universe came from nothing. (result from No.5 / cf. Playing with bubbles)

    6-1. A barrier[posititon] exist between the inner and outer bubbles. But universe do not have that barrier. (Cause of Inertia / Reason of Sun / Position of Antimatter / Origin of Fire / cf. Expansion)

    6-2. Nothing is not a no existence. No existence is a zero dimension. There is two zero dimension. One has a position. The other doesn't have a position. These different positions were connected by something. That "something" is not a what but a way. (Cause of Light / cf. Ether)

    7. Progress / Event / Probability is a time. (This is my trinity.)

    8. Wave-particle duality of light, creation & evolution, uncertainty principle, etc. (result from No.7)

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    11. The reason of "your so-called magnetic field". (result from step3 and 4)

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    i agree it is crap, and the universe wont expand forever, eventually because of the great distance between everything, everything will split apart and be destroyed, and the universe will no longer be in existence

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