Why can't my Xbox connect to Xbox Live?

i've had an xbox 360 for a few years now, and i've always been able to connect to the internet and live using an ethernet cable. however, recently, i've been unable to. its very frustrating because i can't figure out what changed with anything. when i go to system settings-->network settings--> wired connection, i just get a pointless pop up message saying "to use a wired internet connection, make sure an ethernet cable is connected to both your console and your router or modem."

any help is greatly appreciated.


if you want to know any more details just ask, i dont know a whole lot about computers and will try my best to answer

Update 2:

@Scott: Thanks for the reply. however, i have confirmed that the port works. i plugged my macbook into said port and disabled wifi and was able to access the internet normally. and therefore the router is working too... right? i dont think this is the problem.

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    9 years ago
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    it sounds like you ether net isn't working, try the obvious things first restart the internet (yes I mean modem, any routers, and xbox) If that doesn't fix it, then I would call Microsoft and explain your issue, I know from personal experience that the Microsoft customer service staff are very friendly (yes they all speak english) and very helpful.

    But either your modem / router or you xbox ethernet port is broken....

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