Why so many male celebrities are suspected of being gay?

These rumors are, of course, invented by jealous ugly straight men ^^ but also by gay men who fantasize about them.

so what makes them think they are gay ?

Ok I admit it, I also suspect some of them of being gay or bisexual, but I can't explain why ...

so what makes a man look gay ?

A list of suspected gay :

Justin Timberlake

Keanu Reeves

George Clooney

Elijah Wood

Daniel Radcliff

Hayden Christensen

Tobey Maguire

Orlando Bloom

Jude Law

James Franco


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Johnny Depp

and more ... so what do you think ?

( if you're a homophobe please don't answer ... I don't like people like you)

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  • 9 years ago
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    i can' t answer most of the question, sorry, just I think the Johnny Depp one is because of how he plays some of his characters - apparently he once admitted that most of the characters he plays are gay, or slightly feminine, so people who don't know he has a wife might have though he himself was gay.

    with Justin Timberlake, i'm totally confused, but maybe the Daniel Radcliffe one stemmed from the fact that he did a naked photoshoot with a horse? not sure how that would make people come to the conclusion that he was gay though O_o

    Source(s): memory of a youtube comment saying about the johnny depp thing and google images for the daniel radcliffe part. i'm confused about justin timberlake because some of his music video are of him with women, well, intimately
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Some of the guys on your list are hot (I will never understand how people think Jude Law is hot but anyway) and we want all the hot guys on our team.

    I also like to stir up my straight GF's by telling them whoever they are crushing on is gay and i have proof. Its fun to watch them go all straightsville on my azz :)

    But more than that it is the human condition. Gossip is interesting to people Juicy gossip sells trashy mags.

    You missed Taylor Lautner - now I DO want that boy to be on the gay team lol

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Because there's a very colossal marketplace in unhappy lonely humans, who attempt to get away the mundanity in their possess lives by means of studying approximately the lives of others, in smooth magazines which were uncovered countless instances to make **** up, for benefit.

  • CJ
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    They're not necessarily acting gay, we just want them to be...lol.

    Landon Liboiron is missing off that list btw.

    And @Jezza, Jude Law was pretty hot when he was younger...(:

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  • 9 years ago

    Some of those people you named actually might be gay or bi, who knows, but what annoys me about the tabloids is tht they make up things about people to make money. and they also make it sound like its a bad thing to be gay. so annoying!!!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    actuallynobody thinks or suspects that they are gay at all

    even the gays know that their " suspicions" are really just wishful thinking by perverts.

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