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If the BBC sacked Alesha Dixon as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing Who should replace her?

Alesha Dixon isn't the most popular judge on Strictly and if the BBC was to freshen up the programme by firing her who would be a good replacement. Or if their was so many complaints to the BBC that they had to fire her.

I would suggest someone like Karen Hardy who previously been on the programme or Carrie Ann Inaba who judges Dancing With The Stars USA. Do you agree? Or is their anyone else who you recommend?

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    Anita Dobson

    Source(s): I hope Anita wins :D
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    ok, i bypass to have a actual good previous whinge now cos SCD is my fave programme. in the event that they felt the ought to change all people that's going to have been Len. On specific days he sits on the panel and his moodiness brings down the completed tutor AND he's often banging on approximately how he would not like specific dances because of the fact it would not have the previous school factors in it. i myself enjoyed Arlene and theory that she exchange into very honest in maximum of her comments. no longer all people prefer to work out decrepid previous adult adult males including Len and Brucie and yet, whilst women get to a undeniable age they get dumped .... it is not sexism yet in addition ageism. And, of all the human beings they might have replaced her with they chosen a pop huge call who has basically in simple terms found out to bounce herself!!! For christs sake, in the event that they could have a youthful woman on the tutor then a minimum of go with somebody with a expert know-how of the dance factors. What approximately between the ex dancers like Nicole Cutler or Hanna Karttunen. i exchange into under no circumstances a Alesha Dixon fan besides, i wanted Matt and Flavia to win yet a minimum of we nevertheless have Bruno and my fave Craig.

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