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Dillon asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 9 years ago

Stevie Johnson or Eric Decker?

I know my fantasy lineup except for these 2 players... I'm not sure which one to play.

- Stevie Johnson is projected 8.45pts, but playing the Jets with a 2 star matchup. Johnson is the Bills #1 wideout with at least 4 catches per game but the beginning of the season was notably better than his pts lately

- Decker is projected 3.8pts but is playing Raiders with a 3 star matchup. Decker has been hard to predict but has done pretty well, and now Tebow learned for himself that Decker was the #1 target for Orton for a reason. Decker had a great game last week so does this mean the Tebow transition is balanced out and Decker will resume his place as a good WR!? Decker had more than double Johnson's points last week.


I'll add that 3.8 proj for Decker seems odd. He has had 4 awesome weeks, and 3 bad ones... last week was great, the 2 weeks before were not good, but Tebow had come back and had to learn the WR on his own.

Decker also has a little higher avg and little higher overall season pts

Update 2:

cool... we were right to play decker, couple more points

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    I've got the same dilemma...Johnson is the #1 but he's going up against Revis who is playing better than fantastic right now. Also Johnson's points have not been very good, especially in the red zone. I'm thinking another big week for Scott Chandler & Fred Jackson. going against arguably the #1 pass defense in the league.

    I think Decker is another Gamble...He saw the red zone last week, but I think he was only targeted twice...with Tim Tebow in there you don't know what you're going to get. It's a tough call but I'm going to start Decker over Johnson.

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