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How to be auto insurance agent that sells more than 1 brand of auto insurance product?

I am interested in becoming an auto insurance agent. I want to do this part time, but I don't know how to get started? I can go to school to get the degree to sell insurance, but how do you get the connections to sell the various types of insurance ?

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    First, you have to get a property and casualty insurance license. That entails pre-licensing education credits and successfully passing the state exam.

    You won't be able to start your own agency, if that is what you are thanking. Insurance companies appoint agents to sell their products. If you don't have an agency appointment you can't sell their insurance. Companies are very picky when it comes to authorizing who will represent them. I can assure you that they will not appoint an agent who is starting from scratch and is intending to sell insurance part time.

    Instead you will need to find a job as an agent with an insurance agency that already has those critical agency appointments. Learn the ropes, develop a book of business (clients) and at some point you might be able to think about starting your own agency. Maybe.

    Good luck and best wishes.

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    That's called, an "independent" agent. Since you have no idea, the best place to start, would be working as a producer, for another independent agent, where you'd learn the business, and get the connections.

    Additionally, in order to get an appointment, most insurance companies will require that you ALREADY have an existing book of business, preferably at least six figures that you're willing to commit to them, and a proven track record of being able to sell insurance (because most agents wash out).

    If you plan on starting from scratch, it will take YEARS before you have enough on the books to get a SECOND insurance company.

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    that's not real Fred C. Allstate brokers have discretion to markup the backside cost on the customer in the event that they elect. attempt calling 3 diverse Allstate brokers and you will get 3 diverse expenses. Capt. Ron

  • 9 years ago

    check with your state department of insurance

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