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Which movie should i watch ?

Im planing 2 go 4 a movie with my friends and we are confused wat to watch in Tintin , Real steel , johnny english reborn or any other movie wich is out now ? PLS HELP !

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    Tintin and Johnny English Reborn are both fantastic, I think I preferred Tintin as I had expected a little bit more from Johnny English based on the first movie. I wouldn't recommend seeing Real Steel though, the CGI in it is pretty good, but it lacks the human impact of 2 enemy's duelling, replacing them with robots was really just to make it a bit more different.

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    Tin Tin is very good. It's funny and sweet, but a bit more of a family movie.

    Real Steel is action, which got very bad reviews. Think Iron Man but without the romance.

    And Johnny English Reborn is a brilliant comedy. Rowan Atkinson does not disappoint.

    Hope that helps :)

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    you can for any of those without a doubt. They're all pretty nice. Tintin's animation, Real steel's pure action with some incredible special effects and johnn's got our mr bean rowan atkinson. or better yet, toss a coin

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    A lot of my friends went to Real Steel and they all liked it.

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