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What are some types of jobs that I can do with a civil/environmental engineering degree?

Anything I can do related to environmental notnecessarily engineering

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  • 9 years ago
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    Okay so you want environmental but not engineering. I have been looking for jobs and some jobs say "environmental engineer/scientist" as the title and you could put that in as a keyword in a jobsearch on a jobsite. I think a lot of the jobs are in environmental consultancy working in many different areas (could be air quality, contaminated land assessment, HAZMAT- hazardous waste assessment, environmental management systems, environmental planner, environmental adviser etc). You could find work at companies such as mining companies, infrastructure companies (roads, electricity, bridges, waste treatment etc) or government as an adviser on environmental issues and projects. You could work on waste treatment plants, retention ponds, revegetation projects.

    I would suggest you talk to a career advisor or do a lot of searching on job sites and company websites.

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