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The Good loser

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林真是太厲害了 佩服佩服~~~

那麼這個頒獎典禮是真的嗎 還是只是一篇短劇呢

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    Welcome back to the Olivier Theater Awards, We now come to the award for best actor of the year. and the nominations this year are Al Pacino for :Death of a Salesman", Kenneth Brenner for "Richard the third" and then two actors both from the same remarkable new play "Stench" by Harold Buckworthy. and the nominees are John Daniels for the role of Mr. Trotter, David Forberg in the role of Mr. Gannicks. Now these are four fine actors, I'm sure they all agree that the point is not to win but to play the game. and the winner is: John Daniels!!

    No, Shit!!

    Unfortunately John is unable to be with us tonight so I'd like to ask his co-star David Forberg to accept the award on his behalf. Daivd!!

    David, David, um, perhaps you would like to say a few words. David!

    Thank you Vanessa(故意教他女生名)!!

    Ladies and gentlemen, what a delight it is to accept this award on behalf of my close personal acquaintance(這樣說表示得獎人根本與他不熟) John Daniels. John cannot unfortunately accept it himself because he is in Hollywood starring in his first major film role with Merryl Streep, I am however, not in Hollywood, Not having been offered even a minor role in an 8mm pornographic movie.(我連八哩米的黃色電影的小配角都沒著落), But what a dilight object it is that John has won. Although you know I'm sure I will very soon receive one myself when I next buy 10 gallon of petro at a Texaco filling station.(我去Texaco加滿10家輪我想也能拿到一個這樣的杯子).

    Wo what is it that Johnny has got that makes him stand apart from other actors of his generation? Well I think we all know the answer to that one: Syphilis(梅毒), and what a great and heart warming thing it is, that he already started passing it on to a whole new generation of younger actors.

    of course to win an acting award is always a great honor. but to receive one here in the heart of London's famous west end on occasion such as this gugely diminishes that honor. What could be more dull in the sordid back slapping sessions where has beens and tuxedos hand over to even older has beens and tuxedos awards

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    for plays that closed the week before they opened. because the audience has what clamoring instead for tickets to Andrew Lloyd Weber's latest rearrangement of Evita to suit the vocal range of Kylie Minougue.

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    I there for cannot say what a delight it is that John has won this award instead of me. and I should like to announce my retirement from the acting profession. In order to begin a life time of work amongst the mentally handicapped.

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    in which the capacity I look forward to meeting all the members of the judging panel very soon, Thank you.


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    我對影視銀色世界完全不懂,因為沒興趣,但是我猜這一定是個鬧劇,Mr. Bean是個諧星,不可能得獎人有梅毒吧?

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    恩 謝謝您~~~^^

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    哈哈 他真的是一個很成功的演出者



    請問您是英文系畢業的嗎 對於英文這方面程度怎麼養成的呢?

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