best spec for rogue? (WoW)?

in your opinion, which spec for rogue is best for PVP?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Best for PvP/ Easiest is subtetly. why? because in PvP your always stealthed, and subtetly has shadowstep which makes it easy to attack ppl not only from behind but get close to them without being spoted especially from hunters. also they have i think a move racial i think that allows it so that when they break stealth mode they that move does a certain amount of dmg more then what it actually does.

    all the other spec's are viable for pvp also but really a good subtetly rogue will probably own ppl better it really all depends on play style and gear and if you actually know how to play your class or not any spec and any class can be the BEST if you know what your doing and have good gear. so really it all depends.

    most ppl choose subtetly because they think that is the only good pvp spec but no i seen combat rogues i seen assassination both are very strong classes but they can get spotted easier and must actually walk up to their opponents which makes it not too popular for pvpers. but they what they lack they make up in AoE dmg and 1v1 dmg. combat does some good AoE dmg and consisten dmg Assassination does good 1v1 dmg and has better poisoning abilities.

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  • kinzer
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    For PvP and PvE I reccomend going Assassination. an extremely situation-unfastened PvP rogue spec for lvl 80's incorporates going 40-one factors down into assassination so as to get "Mutiliate" and putting something into usefull sub skills. i could pass 40-one down into assassination and play various Alterac Valley's in case you desire to lvl quickly. Mutiliate is does huge harm and stack 2 blend factors in line with hit.

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  • 9 years ago


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