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Romeo and Juliet book and movie version, please help?

The original book versus the 1996 movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. What the difference and similarities. and how does the movie compare with corresponding scenes from West side story movie by Robert wise?

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    Romeo and Juliet is a play first of all, but I know what you meant so anyway...The 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet is not a very good adaptation of the play so if you are trying to do a report on it or if you don't really want to read it I would suggest watching the 1968 version. I will warn you the movie does have some brief nudity so beware. The 1996 version follows the story up until a certain point but the movie is set in "Verona Beach" which isn't a real place, and everyone is dressed in hawaiian shirts and holding guns. The parents of Romeo and Juliet who had rather large roles in the play, have much smaller parts in the story. The end of the story is obviously more modernized then the play version in that both of the main characters die, but Juliet shoots herself in the head versus stabbing herself, and Romeo and Juliet kiss before he dies and in the original play, Romeo dies and shortly afterward Juliet kills herself.The only thing the 1996 version does right is that all the text from William Shakesphere's play is spoken in old english which sounds rather odd with the scenery. :l As for West side story, it is again a modernized version of Romeo and Juliet in the sense that it is about two feuding gangs and the lessons that come with feuding without truly having a reason to. In Romeo and Juliet, after the characters are dead it is exclaimed that no one really knew what the feud was about in the first place; so why was there a reason to feud in the first place? In West Story at the end of the movie and the play, Maria (the main female character), lectures the two gangs on the reason for their fighting and how the fighting only ruined lives and killed her lover,Tony (the main male character.) At the end of Romeo and Juliet the 1996 version, the prince tells the families that their feuding led to the tragic deathes of the two young lovers and both families unite and make peace.

    I hope my rambling helped...it's been a few years since I read Romeo and Juliet but I still remember the main themes so hopefully I've helped a little bit.:)

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    Romeo And Juliet 1996 Book

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    well the setting, obviously, because in the movie with leonardo it's set in over-the-top 90s (although still with the classic shakespearian language). the book (technically a play) is in the old england times, when shakespeare was actually alive. there also another movie version of "romeo and juliet," made in the 70s and based in olden times. romeo is played by this guy that sort of looks like zac efron.

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