What are all the prestigious military colleges in America?

West Point? Citadel?

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    The most prestigious military colleges are the Five Federal Service Academies:

    1) United States Military Academy(West Point, New York)

    2) United States Naval Academy(Annapolis, Maryland)

    3) United States Air Force Academy( Colorado Springs Colorado)

    4) United States Coast Guard Academy(New London, Connecticut)

    5) United States Merchant Marine Acadmey( Kings Point, New York)

    Other Military Colleges include....

    Six Senior Military Colleges

    1) Texas A & M

    2) Virginia Tech

    3) Virginia Military Institute

    4) The Citadel

    5) Norwich

    6) North Georgia College and State University

    Six State Maritime Academies

    1) California Maritime Academy

    2) Maritime College(State University of New York)

    3) Massachusetts Maritime Academy

    4) Texas Maritime Academy(Texas A&M Galveston)

    5) Maine Maritime Academy

    6) Great Lakes Maritime Academy

    Five Military Junior Colleges

    1) Valley Forge Military College

    2) New Mexico Military Institute

    3) Marion Military Institute

    4) Georgia Military College, Milledgeville

    5) Wentworth Military College

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    Military Colleges In The Us

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    Tom's answer was best but if you don't get into one of the federal military academies (United States Military Academy, Air Force Academy, etc.) going to one of the six senior military academies isn't worth it (in my opinion) because they're so expensive and do not affect commissioning as an officer whatsoever. They're basically just for show (albeit they'll mold your character better than being at a regular college which of course is good) and you can have a better college experience at a regular college (not that I'm implying you should drink and party, I'm against that stuff but I'm just saying that the college experience won't just be work). My suggestion is don't go to one unless it's what you really want. The military junior colleges do offer a leg up though. I believe you can actually commission in 2 years into the Reserves or National Guard until you complete the rest of your degree. Don't quote me on it but it's something to look into. I know nothing of the state maritime academies though.

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    In the US, people pretty much use the terms "college" and "university" to mean the same thing. College is just the more common term, even though most schools that we call "colleges" are actually universities. The usual age people start college/university is 18, and most people graduate in 4 years, but of course some people start later and stay longer. The way you get into a US college is to go to their website and there will be a section with information on how to apply. Usually, to start college in September, you need to apply by December of the previous year. There are also community colleges, which accept almost anyone and are inexpensive, but they are not prestigious. You also don't have to apply months in advance. Some people start in a community college and then transfer to a university. Your English is perfect! Good luck.

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    What are all the prestigious military colleges in America?

    West Point? Citadel?

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    1. college students are generally 18-22 here; college is 4 years and is, very generally speaking, essentially synonymous with "university" - the term merely differentiates it from, say, a technical or specialty college. 2. Given the plethora of "study abroad" programs my college in the US has, I doubt you'd have too much trouble going to an American University. You could either try to transfer from a Norwegian college, or you could simply take an american exam (the SAT and ACT are the two colleges look at most) and apply to an American university like any other student. I'm currently at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington, USA myself and it altogether wasn't that difficult to get into, so you shouldn't have too many problems.

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