How is this part of my novel?

There was a silence in the air was I sat across from Elizabeth. Normally, this would be oddly comforting. I wouldn’t even want to speak, breaking the quiet that I loved so much. But now, there was something different that I felt inside me. I didn’t want to sit in the silence with Elizabeth. I wanted to converse with her, to get to know her, and to have her know who the real Nicholas Dawson is.

“Which one is your favorite?” she asked, pointing to my private library that surrounded the two of us.

“Easy.” I didn’t even have to think about. Left bookshelf. Seventh row from top. Middle section. Third one from the right. Maroon leather cover. I pulled it slowly out of its home and into he gentle hands.

“Tuck Everlasting,” she whispered. “Interesting choice.” She had a look of playful doubt upon her face.

“And what would you choose, Elizabeth?” She smirked at me, rising from her seat. She looked through the rows of books carefully. “You know, you can tell a lot about a person by the literature that they read.”

“Oh, can you,” I questioned, uncountable that she would be to do it. “And do you learn about me?”

“You’re obviously into classic literature, which means you are smart, and old-fashioned and traditional. You enjoy escaping into the words on a page, pulling yourself into the history, to stories with medieval heroines or revenge-hungry ship captains. You like to read, because not everyone can have an entire collection of Charles Dickens’ works and be able to actually enjoy them. And because of this novel in particular, something about the idea of immortality interests you in some way.”

“I’m impressed,” I gently applauded her.

“Here,” she pulled a small Shakespeare play from the shelf. “Romeo and Juliet.”

“That is so cliché,” I shook my head.

“What?” she defended her choice.

“You know, that this is every teenage girl’s favorite story. It’s completely unoriginal. They just love Leonardo DiCaprio-”

“I’ll give you the DiCaprio thing. I refuse to account that version of the movie to be an acceptable rendition of the story. The 1968 version, however, absolutely stunning.” At least she agreed with me to an extent.

“My turn,” I smiled at her. “Alright, you are a hopeless romantic. You believe in endless eternal, true love, soul mates, Prince Charming, though you aren’t always intrigued by a typical fairytale happy ending. You like reading dramas, which means that you are interested I performance and stage. You read Shakespeare, which means that you like to put yourself up to a challenge, something that will keep you interested, and makes you think.”

“Well, well,” she nodded her in congratulations. “It seems as if the student has become the teacher.” The copy of Tuck Everlasting was still resting in her hands. She looked at it, rubbing her finger gently down the spine. “So what is it about immortality that interests you?”

“None of it,” I answered her. “I feel as if it is the worst thing that could happen to a person. I sympathize with Jessie, and the Tuck family. I mean, to live forever with everyone you ever loved moving on to another part of life, while you just… exist. What kind if life is that?”

“You’re quote opinioned about the subject. I take it you’ve thought about it before?”

“A little,” I laughed to myself, knowing I only understood the meaning of the joke.

“I don’t disagree with you.”

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    9 years ago
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    I like it. Mysterious and fun and a bit old fashioned. Nice. Also, is Nicholas immortal? I kinda got that impression. Is Elizabeth secretly immortal? I don't believe that she is as much as Nicholas. Because she says "I don't disagree with you", it just struck me as something an immortal person would say when speaking about immortality. But I'm certain that Nicholas is immortal. I mean, his favorite book is about immortality, and he feels empathy for Jesse, Miles, and all of the Tucks. He says only he understands the meaning of the joke. He's obviously immortal. What's the book title? When will it be finished? I would love to read it when you finish. It sounds great.

    Have a nice day, and keep on writing :)

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    9 years ago

    i like it, quite mature, in a way. Smart writing, it seems like you know a lot about literature and you express it through your characters. And even if you dont know loads about literature your characters are portrayed as smart, elegant people and even though you don't say what time your story is set in, it seems like its set a while back when people where quite private with each other, like they don't reveal too much. I like the whole idea of your character changing or feeling different because it makes of wonder what he was like before, what has changed him and how different he is now. I really like it, its a good start if this is your begining. Good luck!

  • 9 years ago

    I like your writing.

  • 9 years ago

    It's good

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