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Can Bunnys eat guinea pig food ?

My mum bought guinea pig food by accident and we can't get new food for a few weeks . So would my bunny be able to eat it ?

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    Of course they can. They're also the same - rodents. They eat the same.

    Joe: I have never seen food for rabbit and food for guinea pig. It's just food for rodents. In the nature they would eat the same as well. If it isn't some kind of "extra vitamin C food", it can't hurt the bunny. Maybe guinea pigs need more vit. C but that's why you should give fruit to your guinea pig if you had some. It doesn't mean that the mixture contains that much of vit. C. It can't harm it! It's certainly better than to starve it.

    Only if it's an extra vit. C food specifically for guinea pigs, buy different one next time. But one time it is absolutely all right. If you want to be even more sure that it won't harm, just give a bit less of this food and more of hay to your bunny.

    ♪♫: Oh, you're right. But in this case it doesn't matter at all.

    Ducky MoMo: I bred a rabbit for 9 and half years and I fed it with a mixture for rodents and it was intended for guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits. That rabbits aren't rodents is just a detail because they eat the same except rabbits eat much more hay. And my rabbit was fit up to the end.

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    The 2 chows are pretty similar and would be OK for a few weeks. Guinea pig chow has added vitamin C and is usually higher in protein and often fat content compared to most maintenance diets for rabbits. As a result, rabbits have a tendency t put on extra weight when fed guinea pig chow. The vitamin C won't make any difference one way or another. On the whole, rabbits are better off on their own chow but you don't need to fear for their health over the short haul.

    Source(s): 40+ years raising and showing guinea pigs and rabbits
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    All rodents are the same? Except guinea pigs cannot produce there own vitimin c (like us and gorrilas) where as rabbits can (like almost all other mammals). I don't see any reason why large amounts of vitimin c would be harmful to a rabbit but best check.

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    A little bit but if they too much there will get sick. Rabbits are Not rodents. Guinea pigs need more vitamin C than rabbits do. do not feed the rsbbit the food for the sake of your rabbit

    Source(s): owner of a guinea pig and 2 rabbits (:
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    Read the ingredients, if its made from hay then yes. the best thing to feed your bunny is hay.

    @Aneta - bunnys are not rodents you prIick

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