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Should the Navy re-evaluate the use of seaplanes (flying boats)?

Imagine how much more efficiently flying boat (cargo) would be able to resupply a ship underway than a combat support ship or miniature cargo planes. It could also have its uses when it comes to patrol aircraft. Do you think the Navy will ever consider these?


Yeah that's the idea, using a very large flying boat designed for that purpose and not your father's Cessna.

Update 2:

"no it would appear that a combat support craft an more effectively resupply a ship as shown by the fact they are being used."

Oh yes because we only use the most efficient means of doing things in the military.

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    While I find them cool, they died out during the 1960's. 1. The development of large helicopters like the Sea King & Sea Knight meant than you could land directly on deck. 2. Flying Boats required special tenders & gear the land based planes did not need. 3. The other issue is cost. Sea plane programs like the Martin p6m Seamaster

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    & Convair Seadart

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    competed for funding with Nuclear subs & Carrier planes for dollars.

    The Lockheed P-3 has filled the Patrol needs about 1965.

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    Actually,you aren't too far off.They did and still do fly.The last of the Giants are in Canada flying as an air tanker.I flew on the Martin JRM "Mars" as a US Navy dependant in the 50's.The Aircraft was designed to fly 300+fully loaded Marines to far flung islands.The Navy bought 5 of the monsters.All were turned into passenger configuration.The PBY-2 "Catalina" was and still is the finest long range patrol flying boat ever designed.Boeing,Martin and Sikorsky among others made "China Clipper" style flying boats that flew to exotic ports of call in the 30's.You may like to read "Night over water" by Ken Follet if you enjoy the Genre'

    Source(s): Coulson flying tankers
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    no it would appear that a combat support craft an more effectively resupply a ship as shown by the fact they are being used.

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    You do realize that a flying boat, once in the water is just a delicate boat, right?

    Which means you're trying to do this in heavy seas.

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    It has, it uses helicopters.

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