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Driver asked in Games & RecreationGambling · 9 years ago

Question about slot machines and strategy?

First off I know slots are random and they are not the best bet in a casino. I just have a question about machine denominations and how bets pay out.

Would it make more sense to go to a 2 cent machine and bet 20 lines at 2 cents per line ($1.00 total bet) Or go to a dollar machine and play 1 line betting 1 dollar every time? ($1.00 total bet) Or go to a quarter machine and play 4 lines at 25 cents per line ($1.00 total bet)

Whats the best $1.00 bet on slots by lines and denomination?

People have told me that if I don't have enough money to play max lines then I am playing on too high denomination machine. They have also said the same about max bet. It just doesn't make much sense because if I am only betting 2 cents on a winning line how can that compare to a dollar line winner?


pdq. I understand that this MAY be the case but for my question lets pretend that the payout percentages are equal. My question is more about max lines in less denomination vs 1 line of higher denomination.

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    9 years ago
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    Some good answers and some crap.

    The type of bet you make will be different across each machine, like on a 2cent machine you have many more chances to hit something should you bet 50 lines, compared to 1 bet on 1 line on a dollar machine, that's one chance, one spin. Anything can happen in both situations, but naturally you are more likely to hit a winning combination or two on the 2 cent machine because you have a ton of lines chosen.

    Max Bet is good if you are playing progressive slots, trying for the highest jackpot, or trying to eat your money up fast. But I would not max bet on penny and 2 cent machines considering it can cost between $4 and $5 for the total bet amount, and in some cases higher.

    Really it's all on personal preference. Everyone has there own way to play, and certain machines they always do.

    Source(s): Casual Slots Player in West Virginia
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  • 9 years ago

    Max bet vs minimum bet is totally machine dependent. You have to look at the payouts and see if they are proportional according to your bet. Many are not (in other words, max bets have a disproportionally larger payout than minimum bets) but some are, so it makes no difference.

    So your question is unanswerable. You have to look at the exact machines. Like pdq said, higher dollar slots generally have higher payouts than lower dollar slots, but even that's not 100% true all of the time. If you assume all machines have the same payback percentage, then it's all machine dependent. So look at the machines you're looking to play and figure it out. One exception is if you assume both machines are progressive slots, in which case the correct answer is almost always to play the smaller denomination machine.

    That all being said, slots are for entertainment purposes only. If you think playing 20 lines on a penny machine is more fun than waiting for 3 cherries on one line of a dollar machine, it may be worth the extra advantage that you're giving up to the house. Penny machines tend to "hit" more often (small wins mostly) and have little bonus games that may be more enjoyable than playing a single line on a dollar machine.

    Source(s): Professional Gambler living in Las Vegas
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  • facey
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    3 years ago

    Slot Machines For Dummies

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  • 9 years ago

    Slot machines are not good investments. Decide how much money you want to lose and throw it out the window!! Yes, I'm being sarcastic but the odds of winning are terrible. Your best bets in a casino are: 1) blackjack, 2) craps, or 3) video poker. In these games, you have some control. And, if you learn the basic strategies for each, you can do quite well.

    If you like bells and whistles and don't mind loosing, play slot machines. If you want to win, consider the other games. Good Luck.

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  • pdq
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    9 years ago

    I don't necessarily agree with Ted.

    Yes, slot machines are horrible bets, but the 2-cent machines are a WORSE bet than the dollar machines. A particular casino, just as an example, may have an 83% return on their 2-cent machines, but their dollar machines may have a 94% return to players. Granted, you lose a SMALL part of that return because you aren't ever able to hit the big jackpot, but it's still a better bet than the 2-cent machines.

    The only problem is discipline. Every now and then, you will WIN on slot machines. The question becomes, "What happens then?" If you start putting $2 or $3 or $5 per spin, then you may have ended up losing more money at the 2-cent machines just because you didn't have the discipline to stop.


    If the payout percentage were truly equal, then you should go for the 2-cent machine. Why? Because you'll usually only get the full payout percentage by playing max coins.

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  • 9 years ago

    Yeah, you always want to be able to 'bet max'

    A dirty trick I use is this; Watch people playing slots for a long time and NOT win. Then take their machine (when they leave obviously) and play it.

    You see while slots are random, they are also 'set'. What happens is the owners can put a % payout into them, meaning that until so much money is put in, it wont hit the jackpot. Do you know what I am saying?

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  • 9 years ago

    If the payout percentages are equal... then they are equal. It doesn't matter which you choose.

    If everything is totally equal, I'd rather bet 1 line at 2 cents, and get 50 spins for my dollar. That's where the entertainment value should be.

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  • 9 years ago

    you can thow all that strategy out the window if you are palying on a dummy machine,...they have about 5 rolls of slots and only one will pay (not always the jackpot) and the rest are dummies to take your noney!! so good luck finding finding tha one machine that will pay you a nice chunk of money!!!

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