Who speaks of Liberty when the Mind is in Chains?

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    Tea Party and American people have been used and misled by Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch-New World Order puppeteers. New peaceful movement on the horizon call Boycott join us.Number one our Enemy is media owned by Rupert Murdoch.Hi uses his Media Empire in War on Occupy Wall Street movement.We must stop watching and listened One Word Order media puppeteer like he.The moment we are going shut him down we are will be half way to our freedom.We must a pressure his financiers and sponsors without a sponsor they are finish.Brothers we are majority and only in our united movements we can save our country,freedom and bring back prosperity to our salves and our children’s future.We can stop redistribution of wealth from medal class to super reach and there anti-human Corporation. We can make changes in our society to save our great country,freedom and our future from One World Order invaders.My friends we don’t need any leadership-financiers we don’t have to bring guns to our protest like Tea/Beggars.We have the best Weapon name Boycott. Boycott will destroy greedy Evil Corporation.We can stop One World Order parasites take over our liefs.My Brothers start spreading news make phone calls send Emails.Boycott masts start with clothing down our accounts in big Wall Street Banks and open them in local small community banks and credit Unions. All Rupert Murdoch media empire:Hulu.com,The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, American Idol,Fox,the Laos Angeles Lakers,New York Rangers,Laos Angeles’s Staples Center and New York’s Madison Square Garden. TV:Fox Broadcasting Company,Fox News Channel,Fox Kids Channel,Fox Business Network,Fox Classics,Fox Sports Net,FX, the National Geographic Channel,The Golf Channel,TV Guide Channel. Radio:Fox Sports Radio. Network.Books:Harper Collins, Magazines:TV Guide,The Weekly Standard,Maximum Golf,Barron's Magazine Newspapers:The New York Post,Wall Street Journal,The Times TV Guide,The Weekly Standard, Maximum Golf,Barron's Magazine.Newspapers:The New York Post,Wall Street Journal, Websites Fox sports.com,Hulu,Scout.com, The Daily.Film studios:20th Century Fox: Avatar, The Simpson's,Star Wars,X-Men,Die Hard,Night at the Museum,Fox Searchlight: Slum dog Millionaire Juno,127 Hours,Black Swan,Little Miss Sunshine. Sports:Laos Angeles Lakers,Colorado Rockies.TV Guide,The Weekly Standard, Maximum Golf,Barron's Magazine.Newspapers:The New York Post,Wall Street Journal.Websites: Hulu,Scout.com. Rehttp://dailycaller.com/2011/07/15/picking-on-fox-c...

    Koch Brothers products you should be avoiding: Any Georgia-Pacific Produces: Angel Soft, Quilted Northern,and Soft n Gentle toilet paper:Brawny paper towels;Dixie plates,bowls and napkins;Sparkle,Vanity Fair and Zee napkins: Georgia-Pacific building products.The list is quite extensive so I'll just refer you to Show Value's rundown of them. Koch Brothers companies: Vanity Fair, Dixie paper, Brawny. You can boycott the Koch Brothers' products and not have your money going to support the Tea Party, more dirty polluting political shenanigans, attacks on workers’ rights to organize? Here's a quick list of the companies you should be avoiding. Anything That Georgia-Pacific Produces.First are Georgia-Pacific consumer products: Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, and Soft n Gentle toilet paper; Brawny paper towels; any of the Dixie plates, bowls and In vista's Fabrics, Fibers and Polymers.Third are a whole bunch of products under the In vista banner: Coolmax, Cordura, Solarmax, Supplex, and Thermo lite fabrics, as well as those containing Lycra; Comforel fiberfill; Dacron fibers; Somerelle bedding products; Stainmaster carpets and Tactesse carpet fiber. There are also a number of resins on the list. Invista's Fabrics, Fibers and Polymers napkins: Sparkle,Vanity Fair and Zee napkins:Georgia-Pacific's paper products. Second is Georgia-Pacific building products.

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    how can you be in two places at once, when you're not anywhere at all? I don't know.

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