Is international aid the solution to famine in Somalia?

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    9 years ago
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    Yes and no.

    Somalia desperately needs international aid to provide short term relief. We have to look at the causes of the famine, and the main causes are drought and conflict. This means that, at this moment in time, international aid is the best possible option.

    In saying that, there needs to be a permanent solution and there need to be methods of prevention. Something like this cannot happen again in Somalia. Twelve million people have been left hungry, so I really hope Somalia, and all of the world, can learn from this now to ensure it doesn't happen again.

    The Somali government needs to first rid its nation of conflict and then establish a democracy that is better able to respond to crises such as this. There need to be institutions in Somalia that are more capable of resolving the nation's issues of both food production and food access.

    Another problem in Somalia is the state of chronic poverty suffered by the people there. There needs to be greater investment in basic infrastructure, e.g. roads, communication networks, etc. This will better enable to people of Somalia to cope when they find themselves in positions like this. It'll also increase employment in the country. Somalia needs to do more than just come out of this famine. Recovering from this is the first step and after the Somalia has suffered such a great tragedy, we should hope they can find some good amongst the evil and use this awful experience as a learning curve.

    Somalia deserves a better future. International aid can only help improve the present.

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    The problem in Somalia isn't the lack of international aid they are getting money and supplies from both governments and charities. The problem is the country is so corrupt that the aid is not getting to the people. Especially not the money. The supplies are stolen by thieves from different tribes. The solution is for the people of Somalia to take charge of their country and that is not likely to happen any time soon.

  • Sort of but not through governments.

    I doubt if the big foundations held by the rich are doing anything to feed Africans. The wealthy use the foundations to establish tyranny. They want taxpayers to be forced to pay for people in foreign nations under a global government.

    The right way to help people in Somalia is through charitable organizations.

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    The problem is too many people with too little resources to feed them. Plainly overpopulation. Just put contraceptives in the food given to them. In a few years the problem would disappear if no more children born. Or send doctors in to sterilize the men and women.

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    We feed 'em,,they breed 'em.

    Break the circle,stop feeding 'em.

    Source(s): decades of feeding,decades of over breeding
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