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Why have some parts of Minnesota become Somalilands with tons of Somalis?

some of them have been here for 25 years and still speak broken english, why's that?

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    10 years ago
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    Many Somalis in Minnesota are here as legal refugees. A civil war broke out in Somalia in 1991 and because of that, many Somalis fled to refugee camps in Kenya. The State Department, in conjunction with voluntary agencies, decide where refugees get relocated to. Minnesota has very active voluntary agencies such as Luther Social Services and World Relief Minnesota who help refugees find housing, learn English and get health care.

    Just because refugees get placed in Minnesota, doesn't mean they have to stay. Many Somalis stay in MN because of the great number of resources we have in helping refugees begin a new life. There are also a good number of jobs that don't require the use of English in order to work.

    As to why they speak broken English? Well, if you've never spoken a second language or if English is your first language it may be difficult to understand how hard it is to learn another language and culture, especially the older you are. Just be grateful to those who are making an attempt.

    It's easy to criticize someone for being different or not fitting in and it's easy to say, "why can't they just speak English." Well, it isn't that easy to leave your home and move to a foreign country but you have to in order to keep your family safe. Also, many older generations don't want to lose their culture and their language so they try to speak it as often as they can, which in turn affects how their English progresses.

    For many people, it's hard to imagine being a refugee but this is the reality for a large number of people not only in MN, but throughout the world.

    Source(s): My family and I are refugees from Asia, now living in MN.
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    Lol, that's funny because there's a de facto country called "Somaliland". Seriously.

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