Is my lineup set the best it can be?


QB- Roethlisberger

WR- Austin, Green, Heyward Bey

RB- Gore, Wells

TE- Hernandez

DEF- Atlanta



Antonio Brown, James Jones, Nate Washington

Blount, Greene

Chiefs D

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  • 9 years ago
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    Any other time I'm pick Brown(Just for double points with Roethlisberger), or Washington over Heyward Bey, but with DHB playing the Bronco's D I'd definitely say to give him a chance. The only thing I'd think about is the defense. I'm a huge ATL fan, but their secondary hasn't been all that this year to say the least, and I know they're playing IND but I still think they might do alright against Atlanta's young defense. On the other hand you have KC facing MIA, which is a great matchup for you as well. The turnover/td comparison between the two is about the same, and they've both given up a decent amount of points to opposing teams. I would probably still pick Atlanta's d, but that's just something to think about. Other than that everything looks great for you!

    Source(s): Two FF teams :)
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