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Living in Luxembourg?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Luxembourg is a very wealthy country of educated and highly skilled people. It brags the world's highest GDP per capita and is home to several international organizations as well as a huge banking industry. All Luxembourgers speak French and German and their native tongue, Luxembourgish. It remains the only Duchy in the world. The wealth of Luxembourg is apparent in its well dressed, conservative population. Although quite friendly, they often appear to be "snobs". Looks are everything to the 'bourgers. I was once told that only Copenhagen boasted more furriers than Luxembourg. A friend, who eventually became the American Ambassador, told me after a few glasses of Reisling (or was it Auxerrois?) that he thought Luxembourg was a constipated nation. I said, John, let's put Exlax in the reservoir in Vianden. I haven't been there in years as many friends have passed or are spending their golden years in more southern reaches. I think about it from time to time but wonder what I would do there. Actually, I'll be in Frankfort next month and could easily visit Strassen where I lived years ago, but what good would it do to drive by my old house and see that it looks the same after 30 years.

    Source(s): Fond memories.
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