ID question - police identification card?

i need an ID for the SATS tomorrow (wasnt aware until like 40 minutes ago) and my school ID is with my dads car a state away.

Im freaking out because they dont accept birth certificates or ss or yearbook (all the bad seeds ruined it for us -_-) anyway. I only have a pool ID with my picture and name ... nothing else.

And a child police identification card issued 3 years ago (all my information on it!) the police did it for me at a science fair.

does this count as a government issued ID???

i really need this to work or my parents spent like $100 bucks for nothing. :(


these are acceptable IDS btw:

Which current and valid photo ID will you bring?

Some acceptable examples include:

State-issued driver's license

State-issued nondriver ID

School identification card


(Required in India, Ghana, Nepal, Nigeria and Pakistan)

Government-issued ID

School ID Form prepared by your school

Talent Identification Program ID/Authorization to Test Form (grades seven and eight only); photo not required

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    9 years ago
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    DL might work or IP

  • urby
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    4 years ago

    there's no nationwide police identity card. One or 2 states have required straightforward information for the identity card. The enjoying cards can look diverse the basically could desire to have the information. fairly some states are coming up with state identity enjoying cards for retired officers who take skills with their firearms so they could carry hid. humorous on condition that us adult adult males don't have the potential of arrest. a pair are additionally issuing a card from inheritor state certification. In Texas a cop could desire to have his TCLOSE identity and in some submit states they have state identity alongside with their branch identity. My very great branch did not have actual identity enjoying cards until the early 1980's, earlier that we had image bus/speedy transit passes and our badges purely. There are close by suburbs to me that have identity enjoying cards that look like Fed enjoying cards and others that look like they have been revealed on a house laptop equipment. If Clinton's well being plan might have surpassed there became a provision to have a customary identity card for all the U. S.. The Feds enjoying cards are all very comparable. they are 2 piece, 3" x 5" enjoying cards with image and seals. in case you look on the internet for FBI or DEA identity enjoying cards you will discover a lot of excellent facsimiles. they are so into it that one and all Fed LE also have a type on a thank you to teach out and demonstrate their identity. All non militarily Feds have a PIV card. those are actually not that nicely familiar and may be problematic to pretend. the subject is what makes them problematic to pretend desires a particular digital reader to objective them. militia has a DoD card. concern is the cardboard does not inform you many and is fairly faked.

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