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John Wilkes Booth Diary Question: "Tell" (World History?)?

In JWB's final diary entry he compares himself to others who overthrew their governments I think:

"I am here in despair. And why? For doing what Brutus was honored for. What made Tell a hero? And yet I, for striking down a greater tyrant than they every knew, am looked upon as a common cutthroat."

I know Brutus is from Rome, but who is "Tell?"

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    William Tell who is famous for shooting an apple off his son's head. That act of shooting the apple was punishment for an act of rebellion. The rulers if Austria were seeking to establish power over Uri. Gessler, who had been appointed by the Austrians, hung his hat on a pole and demanded that everyone bow to the hat. Tell refused. As punishment, he was ordered Tell to shoot the apple or he and his son would both be executed. He drew two arrows from his quiver. He was determined that if the first arrow missed and killed his son, the second would be for Geller. Geller found out about that and had Tell arrested, shipped by boat to be imprisoned at a castle. Tell escaped and eventually assassinated Geller. Tell's defiance sparked a rebellion that led to the formation of the Swiss Confederation.

    Source(s): Wikipedia/William tell
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    Wiliam Tell

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