Is the deep south almost like a big pot of gumbo?

The deep south is the most diverse part of the whole USA, don't be fooled by the text books that talk about slavery and racism, slavery was abolished over 150 years ago, the south of today is NOTHING like the south of yesterday, and black people have made a HUGE contribution to the culture down here in Dixie. Everything, from the way we talk to the food we eat has been influenced in some way, shape or form by black southerners, but we're not just diverse because we have black people, we have Asians, hispanics, native Americans, Arabs, you name it, and the south is a place where all these different types of people are coming together and creating a uniquely southern Creole culture that you just don't find anywhere else. I went up north once and i was shocked by all of the racism there, ya'll got Italians against Jews, Irish against Polish, etc, etc, you just don't find that kind of talk around here, it's more laid back, race and ethnicity don't really matter, just kick off your shoes and come on in!!

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    9 years ago
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    For the most part. There are still a few Tea Party types here and there who ruin it for everybody. The ones who think anyone non-white must be a foreigner and recent immigrant, therefore is here to steal jobs, and is responsible for the outsourcing of jobs to other countries.

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    i would have said the deep south was actually quite homogenous in comparison to say, places like new york and boston in the east. i'd think that ur average southern person is more or less of french background, with a little spanish, english, irish an maybe a little black heritage.

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