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? asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 10 years ago

Rate my favorite boy and girl names out of 10?


•Anastasia 'Ana'

•Catherine 'Cate'





•Valerie 'Val'


•Benjamin 'Ben'






11 Answers

  • 10 years ago
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    Anastasia :: 7/10

    Catherine :: 8/10

    Gisele :: 5/10

    Holly :: 8/10

    Kimberly :: 9/10

    Noelle :: 9/10

    Valerie :: 4/10

    Benjamin :: 8/10

    Brendan :: 7/10

    Ezra :: 9/10

    Luke :: 6/10

    Mason :: 7/10

    Ryan :: 7/10

    My favorite names from your list are Anastasia, Catherine, Holly, Kimberly, Noelle, Benjamin, Brendan, Ezra, and Mason. :]

    Nicknames you can use for girls are Anna, Annie, Cathy, Kim, Kimmy, Ben, and Bren!


    Anastasia Lily

    Catherine Rosalie

    Catherine Sophia

    Holly Michelle

    Kimberly Grace

    Kimberly Alice

    Noelle Madison

    Benjamin Isaac

    Benjamin Noah

    Brendon Oliver

    Brendon Anthony

    Ezra Cameron

    Ezra William

    Ezra Joseph

    Mason Alexander

    Mason Bradley

    Mason Everett


  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


    •Anastasia 'Ana' - 7

    •Catherine 'Cate' - 5

    •Gisele - 4

    •Holly - 2

    •Kimberly - 2

    •Noelle - 10

    •Valerie 'Val' - 8


    •Benjamin 'Ben' - 10

    •Brendan - 8

    •Ezra - 7

    •Luke - 6

    •Mason - 8/9

    •Ryan - 6

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Anastasia: 6/10 its okay

    Catherine: 7/10 I love this name, but spelled Katherine/Kate

    Gisele: 3/10 don't like

    Holly: 6/10 its okay

    Kimberly: 3/10 don't like

    Noelle: 6/10 its okay, prefer it as a middle name

    Valerie: 5/10 its okay

    Benjamin: 10/10 love this name, classic, ages well

    Brendan: 7/10 like this name, but I prefer Brennan

    Ezra: 3/10 don't like

    Luke: 6/10 cute, but I prefer it as a nickname for Lucas

    Mason: 6/10 its okay

    Ryan: 8/10 love this name

  • 10 years ago

    Hate Anastasia, but like the nickname Ana. Catherine is very mainstream, but Cate with a C is cool. Gisele reminds me of that charecter in that disney movie that came out a while back....

    Holly is beautiful. Kimberly is sweet, seems like a person with a lot of personality. Noelle I don't like, but I like Elle a lot. Valerie I like, but not Val.

    Benjamin is my alltime fav name!

    Brendan is kind of irritating for some reason. Could be people I've known personally and don't like.

    Ezra is....really hot in "Pretty Little Liars." So thumbs up on the name *sigh*(:

    Luke is soooo handsome and strong...a little sexy, too

    Mason makes me think of a bridge, don't like it.

    Ryan soulds like a rude guy, sort of bratty. So no.

    Hope this was helpful!

  • elsner
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Boys : a million) Madison Emmett-6/10. i respect the call.. yet Madison is used too a lot on ladies presently! 2) Timothy Blake-a million/10- by no skill beloved Timothy.. 3) Harrison Cole-8/10 4) Tristan Avery-6/10 5) Quinn Robert-7/10 again, Quinn is more advantageous of a lady nme IMO. 6) Peyton Drew-7/10 7) Sebastian Raphael-8/10 8) Aidan Josiah-8/10 9) Dallas Paul-8/10 10) Tyson Oliver-9/10 ladies : a million) Jacqueline Ivy-10/10 2) Kathleen Amber-8/10 My center call is Kathleen :) i don't love Amber.. 3) Nina Rosabel-3/10 4) Julia Carys-9/10 5) Hannah Margarite-7/10 6) Ada Guinevere-9/10 7) Margaux Evangeline-8/10 8) Indira Sage-2/10 9) Winnifred Esmee-7/10-I HATED this call.. besides the indisputable fact that it has grown on me! 10) Thalia Jade- 9/10 My Favorites are: Boys: Tyson Oliver, Harrison Cole, and Aidan Josiah ladies: Jacqueline Ivy, Julia Carys, and Ada Guinevere desire I helped!

  • 10 years ago

    Anastaasia `Ana` - 6, I think the nickname Ana is very cute, but Anastasia is just too long and i dunno haha, i was afraid of the movie Anastasia when i was young so that may be why i dont like it

    Catherine `Cate``- 6, its not bad, just sort oldish, but it is timeless and pretty so i give you credit for that.

    Gisele -7, this is adorable, i doubt id name my kid this, but i definitely like it.

    Holly - 4, just really isn`t my taste

    Kimberly-5, its pretty, but i really dont like any Kimberly`s thatt i know

    Noelle - 6, this is ppretty and uncommon, i like it, but it really isntmy taste

    Valerie `Val` - 6, im not a fan of the nickname, but just regularly the name is nice

    Benjamin `Ben` - 10, this is one of my all time favourite names and nicknames :)

    Brendan- 10, i love this name, its cute and isnt that common

    Ezra- 8, this is very handsome and uncommon, but i feel lik ever since Pretty Little liars everyone likes it

    Luke - 9, i just reallly like this name:)

    Mason- 7, very cute:)

    Ryan -8, this is very handsome, but it seems to be getting too common

    overall, i dont reeally like your girl names, but i LOVE your boy names:)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    •Anastasia 'Ana'- 2

    •Catherine 'Cate'-8





    •Valerie 'Val'-7

    •Benjamin 'Ben'-7






  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I'm rating them individually:)

    Anastasia - 4

    Catherine - 7

    Gisele - 5

    Holly - 5

    Kimberly - 5

    Noelle - 5

    Valerie - 7

    Benjamin - 7

    Brendan - 8

    Ezra - 6

    Luke - 8

    Mason - 9

    Ryan - 9.. I'm a weird one and also love Ryan for a girl.

    LOVE these names!(:

  • 10 years ago

    I <3 your boys names!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


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