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Can i cancel dental insurance early?

I want to cancel my Humana dental plan, and I called customer service today asking about how to do so. She said I couldn't cancel, that the contract was for a year. I asked what would happen if I stopped paying the premiums. She said I would still be billed monthly until the contract terminates in February. I asked if I had any legal responsibility to pay these bills (lol) and she said yes.

Here is the relevant clause from the agreement:

If the Subscriber seeks cancellation after the first thirty (30) days and during the first twelve (12) months of this Certificate, the Subscriber will not be entitled to any premium refund. Additionally, Company Participating General Dentists and Participating Specialists, at their discretion, shall have the right to collect from the Member their Usual Charges less any Copayments previously paid by the Member.

I have two questions, and would appreciate any general or specific answers.

1. Why did she say I couldn't cancel when there's clearly a cancellation clause in the agreement?

2. Am I legally bound to continue paying the premiums?

3. If I do cancel, wouldn't they still be legally bound to pay a currently outstanding claim?


Edit: After some more research I believe Flower is correct. Thanks for your help.

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    1. It says if you cancel there is no refund after 30 days and in addition, you will be billed for the premiums every month.

    2. Yes you will be billed. If you dont pay them, you dont get their dental services, and if you go to their dentists, the dentist will bill you directly. You have a binding contract for a year. If it ends in February, that is only a couple of months to go.

    3. You cannot cancel the contract as she explained. If you keep up the payments, they will honor a current claim.

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  • daria
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    Cancel Dental Insurance

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    It sounds as though you purchased a ONE YEAR policy - that means, you pay for a whole year. If they were offering monthly payments, that's like a loan.

    So you CAN cancel the policy - but you're not entitled to any refund of the annual premium. If you haven't finished paying for the annual premium, you have to do that. You can't buy something on your credit card, eat it, and then stop making the monthly payments. That's the same thing going on.

    After you cancel your policy, they are still responsible for any claims incurred while the policy was in force.

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  • Donna
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    4 years ago

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    Health insurance doesn't cover dental issues. Dental insurance has limited coverage, for wisdom tooth removal - after you've had it in force a full year. Schedule that appointment at the free clinics now. If you manage to scrape up the money earlier, you can cancel the appointment, and go see an oral surgeon. You heard wrong, about a tooth extraction being filed under health coverage.

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    All insurance is at will and you can drop any coverage you want at any time (except if required by a lender) Any claim for services made prior to dropping your coverage must be paid. Expect a fight Humana sucks I have seen them report to a CB for failure to insurance premiums which is actually illegal.

    What you cannot do is just stop paying because all states require they cover for 30 days premium or not so you will have to pay if you do not terminate the policy for that 30 days We are only talking a couple of months max out the freebies :)

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  • Bill
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    You can cancel and yes they would still be liable for any amount owed prior to the cancellation. Your cancellation needs to be in writing and show a specific ending date. The 12 month period that customer service mentioned is for enrolling or changing coverage not cancellations.

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  • 8 years ago

    The clause does not guarantee you the right to use the telephone to cancel. If you want to cancel and they do not decide that they want to let you use the telephone to cancel, then you may have to cancel in writing, by mail, without using the telephone.

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