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why was the weimar republic doomed from the start?

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    The Weimar republic was not set up by the Allied Powers but it was promoted by them as the democratic alternative to the Hohenzollern monarchy, which was abolished under the terms of the treaty of Versailles in 1919. So far as the bulk of the German electorate was concerned, the republic was a puppet of USA, France and Britain. Voting in Weimar elections never exceeded 30 per cent of the the suffrage.

    In addition, the Weimar politicians acceded to the imposition of reparations to France and collaborated in the French army occupation of the Ruhr, Saarland and the East bank of the Rhine between 1919 and 1924. The German electorate regarded this as a form of treason: actually agreeing to the occupation of German territory by a foreign power. It was one of Hitler's main objections to the government in the Beer Hall Putch of November 1923.

    Also, and probably most importantly for the typical German, the USA promoted a purely capitalist economic and social structure within Weimar policy. The social insurance schemes which had operated since 1883 were abandoned. These included sickness insurance, free education, unemployment payments and old-age pensions. Bismarck had introduced these in the Empire and they were the model for most European social insurance schemes, including France and UK. By edict, the Wiemar government abandoned these schemes and poverty became compounded by the reparations and the collapse of German industry. Millions of Germans died over the period 1919 to 1933 because of malnutrition and diseases of the poor.

    Finally, the capitalist model promoted by USA led to massive corruption in public administration and private industry. Leaders or industry and major financial families received large sums from American aid and from taxation, to co-operate with the Weimar government in building houses, factories, roadways and railways. It is estimated that over one-quarter of the funding provided by Weimar for such projects ended in the private bank accounts of rich individuals and notable families. Since a high proportion of these recipients were Jewish in origin, they became an easy target for the Nazis during the period from 1928-33. And then they were dispossessed in 1934.

    For a time during the later 1920s, the republic enjoyed a shallow, entertainment-based, drinking-and-spending "goldern age." It was a reflection of the "roaring 20s" in USA. But it hid the fundamental fact that the poor became poorer and the rich got richer. Street crime became a serious problem. An alcohol mafia developed, complete with protection rackets and illegal gambling and prostitution. For many Germans, this reflected a don't-care attitude on the part of the Weimar administration; it was seen as abdication of the long cultural and artistic history of the German people.

    Overall, speaking in modern terms, the Weimar republic had no industrial or social strategy. It was born out of chaos, supported unwisely by the Allies especially USA, and completely ignored the needs of the ordinary people of Germany.


    Source(s): Eric D Weitz, "Weimar Germany: Promise and Tragedy" Princeton University Press. 2007 AIan Kershaw, "Weimar. Why did German Democracy Fail?" London: Weidenfield & Nicholson. 1990
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    Who told you that they were doomed?

    It was a free and pretty efficient republic capably sales through great depression and considerable radical socialist pounding from Communists and National Socialists.

    They had failed to national Socialists at the end, but many other states would fail much earlier.

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    I see my Troll Has followed me again a thumbs down without any counter answer National pride will Not silence the Truth

    The Weimar Republic Lasted from 1919 to 1933 that was 14 years

    and if the USA had not funded hitlers Rise to power it would have lasted Longer

    we the USA and Britain went out of our way to help germany in Fact the Dawes plan enabled the Germans to Borrow from the USA to pay the Retributions and later we Reduced the Debit by 50 %

    But the later Young plans allowed

    FDR Prescott Bush Lindbergh Rockefeller and Warburg of the chase Bank to setup the Hitler fund that was Run By JP Morgan and associates up to 1945

    the chase (Manhattan) Bank was open in Paris Up to July 1944 and their only customer was the NAZIS

    Standard Oil IG Farben Built a Petrochemical plant at Buna In poland that used 83,000 slaves and Rockefeller and prescott Bush the owners paid the slaves 20 Phennings an Hour wages Collected by the SS so how Much Money did they make In 4 years

    at the end of WW2 only the German managers were questioned and tried and Prescott Bush paid 30,000 in Fines for Trading with the enemy by pleading No contest to both charges this way he never divulged his actions

    FDR Prescott Bush Rockefeller Lindberg JP Morgan and associates FDR was One warburg of the chase bank James Mooney set Up the Hitler Fund In 1932 and gave Hitler the 500,000 marks needed to contest the 1933 elections that put Hitler In Power Ford Gave Hitler 50,000 marks every year on his Birthday from 1932

    so IBM Texaco Bendix ITT Ford GM Heinz, Colgate, Birds Eye DuPon Dillon, National City Bank, and General Electric Alcoa, and Dow Chemical William Randolph Hearst

    Read & Co. Loan $241,325,000 profit $2.7 million

    Harris, Forbes & Co. Loan 186,500,000 profit 1.4 million

    National City Co. Loan 173,000,000 profit 5.0 million

    Speyer & Co. Loan 59,500,000 profit 0.6 million

    Lee, Higginson & Co Loan. 53,000,000 profit not known

    Guaranty Co. of N.Y. Loan 41,575,000 profit 0.2 million

    Kuhn, Loeb & Co. Loan 37,500,000 profit 0.2 million

    Equitable Trust Co.

    that was $826,400,000 loan to the Nazis in

    Sosthenes Behn of ITT was a major financier of the Swedish ball bearing firm SKF, which preferentially supplied the Nazis with ball bearings and denied them to the US military.

    " Farrish fueled the Nazi-controlled L.A.T.I. airline from Rome to Rio via Madrid, Lisbon, and Dakar. The airline flew spies, patents and diamonds for foreign currency. Only Standard could make this shipment possible. Only Standard had the high octane gasoline that enabled the lumbering clippers to make the l,680-mile hop across the Atlantic...LATI was the means by which the Nazis evaded the British blockade. The airline was not subject to boarding and search. Spies traveled by LATI between the U.S., Germany and Italy by way of Brazil. In addition to spies, the planes flew, in l941, 2,365 kilos of books containing Nazi propaganda legal and illegal drugs... shipped the Nazis thousands of kilos of mica and platinum... strategic war materials for Germany. Farrish suppl LATI and the other Nazi airline, Condor, through Standard's Brazilian subsidiary and the airlines continued to fly... he was not subject to blacklisting...he shipments continued until after Pearl Harbor, when the Brazilian government stepped in and closed down the airline. Farrish totally ignored his government's request to be loyal. Germany and money came first."

    After the cessation of hostilities, GM and Ford demanded reparations from the U.S. Government for wartime damages sustained by their Axis facilities as a result of Allied bombing... Ford received a little less than $1 million, primarily as a result of damages sustained by its military truck complex at Cologne and GM 37 Million

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