Which web traffic seller site is trust able , any experience ?

There are many web traffic selling websites i-e www.planet-traffic.com, but have any one experienced any of them and found some of them really trust able for what they claim to deliver ?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I used to be heavily involved in the PTC world, both as a site owner and as a frantic link clicker. It's not a matter of if they're trustworthy or not - either way, it's a waste of your money. The visitors you get to your site will not care at all about your site because they won't even *look* at it. They just care about getting their one cent (literally) for clicking on the link to your site. It's like sending a busload of people to a new store opening, and none of those people have any money to spend in your new store - waste of money.

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