just got done with bootcamp USMC got a question about ITB and my mos,?

Im 0300 field i wanna be a rifleman or a saw gunner i no for a fact you have to take a test to qualify with the m249 saw my DI told me it was kinda easy for him in ITB but i wanna be a rifleman 0311 more how do i get that job when i get to ITB will they let me choose or put me somewhere or do you start out as a 0311 and have to qualify for other things?

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    9 years ago
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    When you go to ITB, they'll break you up into 3 platoons. 1st is Reservist and Security Forces, 2nd is 0311's, and 3rd is Weapons 31s, 41s, 51s, etc. You want to be in the platoon with the 0311's only. Just tell the instructors you don't want to be in weapons platoon. It's that simple. If you want, you will be an 0311. And no you don't have to take a test to qualify to be a SAW gunner, your DI is probably a POG like all the other DI's. Not until you get to your unit will it be determined what weapon you will get. You could get an M4,16, or 249. It depends on what they need. Since your a boot, there is a good chance that they'll dump off the SAW to you. Have fun with that piece of sh't weapon.

    Source(s): Marine 0311 SAW gunner. Somethings Always Wrong
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