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Is this a good 3-way deal?

Cavs trade: Anderson Varejao and Ramon Sessions

Cavs get: Kirk Hinrich(expiring contract) and Channing Frye plus three(3) 1st-rd picks from ATL/PHX

Hawks trade: Kirk Hinrich, Marvin Williams and two(2) first round picks

Hawks get: Marcin Gortat and Ramon Sessions

Suns trade: Marcin Gortat, Channing Frye and one(1) first round pick

Suns get: Anderson Varejao and Marvin Williams


Cavs get 3 draft picks and I think that's enough plus you get an expiring contract w/ Hinrich.

Hawks improve their lineup and get a legitimate center plus a young floor general

pg Ramon Sessions / Jeff Teague

sg Joe Johnson / Jamal Crawford

sf Josh Smith / Magnum Rolle

pf Al Horford / Pape Sy

c Marcin Gortat / Keith Benson

Suns rebuild and get their small forward of the future and a young hustle player in Varejao

pg Steve Nash / Aaron Brooks

sg Vince Carter / Mickael Pietrus / Josh Childress

sf Grant Hill / Jared Dudley

pf Hakim Warrick / Gani Lawal

c Anderson Varejao / Robin Lopez

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    What up LeBrong,

    Not sure why everyone would be giving up their 1st round picks to the Cavs for a bunch of role players... not a good or balanced 3 way deal. The Hawks are essentially only benefiting by giving up an expiring contract- but also giving up 2 1st rounders which doesn't make sense because they are becoming more obscure in contending in the East and need to keep all their draft picks.


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    9 years ago

    not gonna happen it's to much in return for Cavs by giving up the two players . and their not even lebron or Kobe and considering it to be a 1st round pick whats u with that.

  • 9 years ago

    Hmmm Interesting...

  • 9 years ago

    Good if you're a Cavs fan

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